How to train triceps? 

To proudly wear a summer dress or a strapless top, you’ll need to work on your shoulder muscles. Ideally, if you focus on the triceps. Are you wondering why? Well, because every day it is the least often used and very quickly loses its firmness! 


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Triceps is 2/3 of the muscle mass of the arm, so that the shoulders look proportionally, you need to pay special attention to him. But how to train your triceps sensibly? What exercises to perform and how often? It is worth noting that before exercising you should remember about a proper warm-up. 

How to practice triceps? Suggestions for other exercises 

Exercise for Triceps No. 1 

They can be performed in both standing and sitting positions. During the exercise, the elbows should be stationary, as close as possible to the head. The exercise consists in lifting with both hands the barbell, from the full extension of the arms, to full flexion in the elbows. It helps develop all the headaches of triceps. 

A lot of the series does not work with triceps, it’s easy to overtrain them, so do not try to do 20 triceps in one training session. 

Exercise for Triceps No. 2 

It involves lifting the barbell in a lying position. Straighten your hands so that the barbell grip stays higher than the forehead – the arms form an angle of less than 90 degrees (up to 45 degrees) with the floor. Only elbow joints are to work. The bar is to move in an arc from the position when the arms form a right angle with the floor, until the bar is behind the head. Choose the weight carefully to avoid situations (especially in the last series) that you may have difficulty maintaining it. 

Exercise on triceps No. 3 

Perform them on a chairlift with handrails. Arms straight, chest pushed forward, legs slightly bent in the knees. Exercise consists of lifting and lowering by means of bending hands in elbow joints. Exercise can also be performed using an additional load, but only when we are already advanced in the exercises. Avoid touching the floor with your feet, because it is easy to move abnormally, and you should not lower yourself too low, because it can damage the shoulder joints. 

Exercise on triceps No. 4 

The perfect exercise at the end of training. Performed in a support on two benches (front and rear). It is based on the fact that we perform the lowering and lifting movements of the torso, resting on the bench at the back (with hands), with legs resting on the bench in front of us. The lowering movement should be slower than the lifting movement. Exercise can be made difficult by placing an additional load, eg a puck on the stomach. 

Every triceps exercise is good! The condition is one – you have to do them regularly! In the case of women, this part of the body is very rarely used and for this reason so-called butterflies – a saggy part of the skin that distorts our shoulders. 


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