Properly balanced vegetarian diet should completely fulfill the needs of an average human being for all nutrients, however, there are certain situations, in which supplementation is recommended.Iron Complex

Vegetarians most often decide to supplement iron. This is one of the mineral ingredients, the deficiency of which is very often diagnosed also among people who eat meat. However, vegetarians are more prone to iron deficiency, as this mineral appearing in vegetable products is much less assimilable than when it comes from animal meat. Supplementation is recommended especially to women with abundant menstruation, pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as teenagers during puberty. In order to eliminate iron deficiency, such preparations may be used as for example Chela Ferr Bio Complex by Olimp.


Vegetarians should also pay attention to B-group vitamins, especially vitamin B12. Cyanocobalamin appears mainly in animal products, eggs and milk, therefore especially vegans are prone to its deficiency. You may take care about providing your organism with proper dose of vitamin B12, among others, by using products enriched in cyanocobalamin (for example, soya milk and food yeast), however, supplementation often turns out to be necessary. You may then use supplements cont

aining vitamin B12, e.g. Methyl B12 by Now Foods or preparations, in which also other B-group vitamins appear, for example B-Right by Jarrow Formulas.

In case of vegetarians, slightly higher risk of deficiencies of vitamin A and D as well as calcium is observed. Supplementation with vitamin D is especially recommended in the fall—winter season, as during spring and summer, we may take advantage of its most valuable source, i.e. sun.


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