Vitamins r, especially for people who train, are a very important element of the diet. Check what functions each of them perform. Which vitamins should be supplemented in the winter? And which of them should especially be active and exercising at the gym?

The role of vitamins in the body
Vitamins are compounds that allow the proper functioning of our body.

They are responsible for a number of processes regulating our functioning.They participate in energy changes, work of the nervous and cardiac systems.These are important from the point of view of regeneration and energy to action. The shortages lead to various disorders – from the deterioration of the skin, hair and nails for eye problems, headaches, distraction.

Vitamins in the winter should be a particularly important element of diet for us, because they affect the overall condition of the body and immunity, which is constantly put to the test. At the same time, when we need them most, we eat only a few vegetables and fruits in which they are rich.

Which vitamins?

In it is particularly worth to reach for vitamins
Vit.D – in our climate, its shortage in winter is a common problem. It takes part in tissue regeneration, has a beneficial effect on bone density, improves circulation, and strengthens the immune system exposed to pathogens, and we can also consider the addition of zinc and selenium minerals essential for the functioning of the immune system.

And training people, regardless of the season, should pay attention to the supply of vitamins
Vit.B1 – if our diet is rich in carbohydrates, especially those from processed products and nutrients
Vit.E – if the menu is based on an increased intake of unsaturated fatty acids
Vit.B6 – for people who consume increased amounts of proteins

Vitamins and effects

Introducing more vitamins to your diet

it will have a positive effect on the quality of your regeneration, increase immunity, that you will have more energy for training.

They will also help you deal with with metabolic, skin and nervous system problems.

Vitamins and training

How to top up a shortage of vitamins? It’s not without reason that people who build muscle mass, reduce body fat, or simply physically active are thinking about the problem. Vitamin complexes have been created especially for them, which they are willing to reach for. During the activity, we use not only more energy, but also vitamins, which should be supplemented.

The role of vitamins in training

Why should we care for vitamins? The functions they perform are particularly important in the case of activity. Depending on their individual properties, you can talk about

Regulating the work of the heart and the circulatory system (B9);The participation in energy transformation and regulation of the endocrine system (including vitamins B2 and B3); and they are extremely important for the course of post-workout regeneration and the development of muscle tissue (vitamin D).

With minerals, i.e.:




Allow the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Synthetic and natural vitamins

There are two types of vitamins
of natural origin,
synthetic (form of supplements).

Vitamins in food are widely considered to be much better than synthetic vitamins. However, are vitamin complexes in supplements worthless?

Both vitamins from food and tablets are not absorbed in the entire adopted dose. It is influenced by presence of other chemical compounds, juxtaposition of consumed vitamins (some are mutually exclusive), and the state of our digestive system. The highest supply of vitamins with food is that they have all their qualities, for example in natural vitamin E there are up to 8 chemical compounds. In synthetic vitamins only one of them meets. In turn, the supplements have much higher doses and allow to quickly supplement the deficiency of vitamins.

Folic acid and vitamin D, derived from synthetic sources, is better used and absorbed by the body.

Each vitamin has an extremely important function for the body and allows you to maintain homeostasis. What to eat to provide all vitamins?

The answer is like a varied meal, on which you will find varied vegetables. In addition, a rich source of vitamins are products from the super food group, which are worth using.The deficiency of vitamins can be eliminated using supplements.

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