To build muscle effectively, progress is necessary. Progress can be performed in many ways, from standard weekly load increase to typical technical slower movements. What addition to training is the best solution? There is no definite answer to this question, it is best to try it on yourself, which gives us the best results.

If you found yourself at a time when training simply does not work in the world – it’s time to introduce small or larger changes. Know that every healthy person can naturally develop a muscular body. For progression to be effective, remember about the right diet. Any form of training and any, even the best supplement will not help if you do not maintain a properly balanced diet. If you do not have problems with maintaining the right caloric supply, check what forms of progression are the best.

Increase load. It can be done from training for training or once every 2 weeks (taking into account the fact that you train a particular muscle batch once a week). By increasing the load, you should not understand the drastic increase in weight. Load progression may be an increase of 1 – 2 kg in a given exercise. The body, in fact the nervous system, will clearly feel it.


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Increase the number of series. If you have been doing 3 series in a given exercise so far, try to do 4 series of the same exercise during the next training of the same muscle batch. It is not said to increase the number of series in each exercise during a given workout. Just increase the number of series in one exercise. This solution will give an extra boost to the muscles to grow. The additional series should be made with a weight similar to the other series.

Increase the number of repetitions. Analogously to increasing the number of series in a given exercise. If you have done 8 repetitions in a given exercise so far, try to do 9 moves of the exercise during the next workout. In this case, increasing the number of repetitions can be applied to all series of the exercise being performed.

Increased workout density. By this kind of progress, we mean increasing the number of trainings during the week. This option is especially recommended for people who train twice a week. In their case, this form of progression will produce much better results than trying to make progress in any other way. Do not lie to yourself, but training twice a week is not too much if your goal is to build a muscular body. Remember that increasing the number of trainings will be associated with a greater energy expenditure, and thus – you must include this with your caloric balance.

Extending muscle tension. Each movement consists of two phases – the negative phase and the positive phase. The first one concerns muscle relaxation and the second one – muscle contraction. We apply the prolongation of muscle tone by increasing the duration of the negative movement. How does it look in practice? Depending on the exercise, whether it is pulling or pushing – the negative phase occurs when you lower or pull the weight. Consider using the example of bench pressing. The positive phase is when you press the bar up, while the negative is when you lower the bar to the cage. When we push the weight up, we try to do it as soon as possible, but when we lower the bar to the cage, we try to keep it as long as possible.

Using drop – sets. Drop – sets or load reduction during one series are a very common way of training progression. This is one of the best exercises with which you can lead to the so-called muscle fall (the moment when you will not be able to lift even the smallest weight). The weight should be subtracted when you will no longer be able to perform the repetition correctly. The number of drop-sets is arbitrary and can be selected individually. Some praise a one-off photo of the weight, while others prefer to subtract weight gradually, thanks to which they perform even dozens of repetitions in one series using drop-sets.

The use of super – series, etc. Regardless of whether it is a super – series, mega – series, or maybe a giant – series, the principle is always the same. Do two or more exercises directly after yourself. These exercises can be for one muscle part as well as for different parts of the body. The use of this type of training progression not only improves the quality of training, but also shortens its duration!

Change of exercise. Remember – there are no irreplaceable exercises. Each exercise can be changed into other, often with the use of basic equipment. A simple change, however, can be associated with new stimuli for muscles. This is very important at the moment when the basic set of exercises does not give results, or just bored in the world.

Change of training. It should be remembered that within 6 – 10 weeks it is worth changing the training. It is not said to be obligatory, but any change, even if it is only a change in the order of exercises and the connection of the muscle groups, will be an additional stimulant for the muscles to grow.


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