Obtaining clearly visible details of musculature is an easy and difficult task for a bodybuilder. Difficult because it requires full concentration, iron discipline and sacrifice. Easy, because by meeting these preconditions, almost every bodybuilder can achieve skimmed, choked muscles. And once you get this state, it’s relatively easy to maintain it. I can not promise you that you will get triceps that are as choked as Andreas Munzer or cheeks as sculpted as Dorian Yates, but if you apply these 10 ways to gain muscle clarity for at least 10 weeks, then – assuming you already have adequate muscle mass – you will look as good as if you were tearing a tight-fitting blanket off your back. 


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This is the first principle of muscle cleansing. You can drop as much weight as you like and never get a good sculpture if you do not give up your muscles for intense training. While everyone recognizes this as a basic condition, there are two schools of thought about what kind of intensity of training is the best. 

The first group is trying to burn excess fat by increasing both the volume and the pace of training, doing lots of series and reps at high speed and combining it with such a portion of aerobic exercise that could shed the real triathlete on the knee. Of course, in such a non-stop training, the loads applied in individual exercises decrease significantly, but – as proponents of this method argue – it does not matter if the intensity of training is kept at a sufficiently high level. 

The second group of players has a slightly different opinion. They say that training on heavy loads is conducive to muscle development, so let’s continue it also in the phase of a strict diet. They care more about doing a lot of training work by applying maximum loads in each exercise. And if it involves the need for longer rest periods between sets, simply longer rest periods are needed. A proper diet and aerobic exercises allow these players to get rid of superfluous fat tissue. 

The problem arising from the first method is quite obvious adaptation of the organism is a very specific feature and the performance of all these series, repetitions and endless aerobic work makes the average bodybuilder switch to endurance exercises, which changes the would-be “Mr. Ołympia in a slim, sculpted representation of endurance disciplines. I think that a few “endurance bodybuilders have been wrong about the possibility of Dorian Yates. 

However, with the second method, the problem lies in the fact that to exercise with heavy weights, most bodybuilders must rest between sets for at least 2-4 minutes. Despite the fact that the training work done is large, the total volume and intensity of training is not large enough to cause fat burning, at least at the required pace. And, additionally, aerobic exercises performed have a tendency to reduce the gains achieved thanks to training with high loads. So what is the correct answer? Train quickly and with high loads, emphasizing the proper regeneration! Shorten your training sessions to a minimum, but your every stay in the gym should have its own weight. Apply mainly basic exercises and keep breaks between sets at the level of 1 minute. Perform 8-12 reps in a series with the maximum weight you can afford and try to increase the number of repetitions. 

Try to train such a system with two days of training, a break day, a day of training, a day break (for every three training days should be two days break). During each training session, exercise with such intensity that half of those present in the room will stop their workouts and start to look at you. 

Make as many series as you need to “wash your muscles out of energy. Stop when you are no longer able to make dynamic, strong moves. For most, it will mean 6-10 series, depending on the muscle group. Remember that building muscle mass depends on the amount of training work and not on the intensity of training. Therefore, to maintain muscle mass, not less than every second or third workout, reduce the rate of training and increase the load. Then do 6-8 repetitions in the series and use 2-4 minute rest periods between sets. 

At this point, you can ask how much superwolno and super repetitive repetitions would be useful. Is this a good method for improving sculpture? In my opinion – no. If the movement is relatively slow, the resistance is not large enough to cause muscle fibers to overload, stimulating their growth, regardless of how they feel. Someone might say, “But I can exercise with a weight of 50 kg and if I do the movements correctly, I feel like I’m exercising with a weight of 100 kg. And what? It is still only 50 kg of negative resistance acting on the muscles, not 100 kg. Think about it in this way, sprinters could probably take every step so intensely that they would have the desired sensations, and yet they would run twice as fast as normal. Would this increase their speed? 

Limit them. I know, I know … it’s against anything you’ve heard about it. But think about too intense aerobic exercises will definitely slow down your progress in the development of muscle mass (if you do not stop them at all). While training for the maximum sculpture, she always trains on the verge of overtraining, and additionally she is on a very limited diet (this topic will be dealt with later). Do you really think that further increase in the number of aerobic exercises will provide you with “muscle ridges” that stretch the skin? 

Perhaps, but only if you have been blessed by nature with a metabolism ideally suited to this type of training (if it is, you do not need to read this article any further). For most of you, however, the excess of aerobic exercise will only be inhibited by increases in muscle mass stimulated by strength training. If you do not increase your muscle mass, it means you lose it! And the loss of muscle mass is not, after all, the goal of No. 1 in bodybuilding. You can ask “What about calories burned during aerobic exercise? After all, it certainly favors making a sculpture! This is helpful in weight loss, but if the muscles are not regenerated, they look flabby (and if you want to have muscle flabby, there are many more pleasant ways to achieve this condition). 

Hard muscle – a full and regenerated muscle. You can do aerobic exercises only on days off from strength training, practice at an average speed and not more than 45 minutes. If you have to exercise aerobically on the day of strength training, choose easier exercises such as marches or other activities that absorb more calories than exercises aimed at improving cardiovascular fitness. 

And what to answer the claim that a large number of aerobic exercises allows you to eat more, and therefore harder to train? It’s ridiculous! First of all, if you have to do all the aerobic work to burn the extra calories, how would these calories help you in harder training? Secondly, if we already know that aerobic exercises significantly reduce the ability to regenerate (after strength training), why do more exercises have to allow for more difficult training? In fact, it does not allow. Muscles would lose strength, and all the extra food consumed would cause fat. Remember that you are strength athletes, and aerobic exercises are just a tool to help you burn a certain amount of body fat. 

Well, you do not have any competitions in your plans to start. You train only for yourself – for strength, for your own satisfaction, for the growth and improvement of your muscles and your health (not to mention the increase of sexual attraction). You do not have to pose, do you? Well, maybe it’s only worth if you want to get a master class sculpture. 

Relax, no one talks here about lubrication with oil, shorts for posing or posing programs developed by the choreographer. Perhaps tensing the muscles would be a more accurate term here. You will notice, however, that if after the training for a given muscle group you devote five minutes to intense tension at different angles, after a few days (yes, days!) The density of your muscles will clearly improve. 

After your next biceps workout, straighten one arm and then bend, straining your muscles with all your strength. Hold this pose (the word appears again) counting down to five and loosen your arm before the next repetition. Repeat this procedure for other muscle groups by doing three to four poses for each group. This workout is amazing, it gives amazing muscle pump up, and the difference in physical appearance is almost immediately noticeable! 

If you are too shy to perform this ritual in the gym, do it at home. Several times a week, after half an hour should be enough for the whole body – from the calves to the quadrangular muscle. Posing at home is good to do immediately after the aerobic session, when the body is warmed up. Try to start with the 30-minute program of moderate aerobic work, followed by 30 minutes of posing. 


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