I am sorry, but whether you like it or not, you will have to limit the daily intake of fats or carbohydrates (or both groups to some extent). If you want your muscles to be clearly visible, reduce the amount of fat and subcutaneous water – and that means applying a special diet. 

Almost every bodybuilder has his own diet program to improve muscle clarity, but all programs have one thing in common – thanks to the use of a special diet, at the end of each week, players use more energy than they bring to the body with food. The truth is how easy it is? 


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At the beginning you need to determine the amount of energy (calorie intake) needed to maintain body weight at its current level. Then start consuming fewer calories – but not every day. Most bodybuilders believe that it is better to use variable calorie intake. One day they consume as much as needed to sustain body mass, the next day – 25% less, the next day – a little more, etc. This helps to maintain metabolism at the same level, although they are extremely sensitive to any changes and adapt to reduced Calorie intake may be slowed down. 

It is easiest to reduce caloric intake by reducing fat intake, as each gram of energy-charged fats produces 9 kcal. So let’s eat chicken, fish, lean meat, fruits, vegetables and some grains. Try this diet and observe the reaction of your body. Despite the greatest efforts, the bodies of some bodybuilders react too poorly to a low-calorie diet, which means that their muscles are still slightly fatty and covered with subcutaneous water. The only way out is to limit the consumption of carbohydrates. By lowering the share of carbohydrates in the diet, the amount of calories consumed is not that important. In addition, by limiting the intake of carbohydrates, you need to slightly increase your fat intake, which allows you to increase the feeling of satiety. Try to reduce the intake of carbohydrates to 150 g a day and observe what is happening. If after a week or two nothing happens, reduce this intake to 100 g, but do not go too far below this value. The source of carbohydrates should be fruits and vegetables, and more economically you should consume products containing starch. 

I know a guy who – if all other ways do not give results – has the following reliable method when club members ask him how he does it, that he still shows impeccable sculpture, says “Chicken without skin and lettuce. This aptly captures the heart of the matter. 

Striving to reduce body fat while maintaining muscle mass, one element remains unchanged, regardless of the type of diet used – it is high protein intake. Yes, I also know bodybuilders who swear that they come to a great sculpture using a diet in which 20% of calories come from protein and 70% from carbohydrates. I would bet that if you met them in a non-partisan period, even around the summer break, they would also present a nice sculpture. Why? Because they have been given by nature a metabolism that allows them to preserve the sculpture even with this type of diet. 

Unfortunately, for most of us this is not possible. Most bodybuilders, wanting to show high quality muscularity, must seriously reduce the amount of calories consumed, and this is associated with the need to increase protein intake. For some, it will mean that 30-35% or more of the calories consumed should come from protein. At the beginning you can try to start with a daily intake of protein at the level of 3 g per 1 kg of body weight. 

It should be broken down into five equal meals (with a slightly higher portion of protein for breakfast, compared to the other meals). 

High-quality protein supplement facilitates the matter – you just need to mix the right amount of nutrient with water every morning and then sip this cocktail all day long. What types of protein should be used? I always use part of the milk protein and partly of egg, but the pure egg protein seems to be the best. 

One of my friends believes in the protein obtained from the glands, but it is the kind of protein where the egg protein seems to be very tasty (but along his biceps there is a vein bigger than my neck, which may indicate the effectiveness of this type of protein). There is currently a fashion for high quality whey protein. Try all kinds of protein and choose the one that’s best for you. 

Is the correct view that one can consume no more than 30 g of protein at one time? Let’s take advantage of the advice of Jim Morris, the winner of the title “Mr. America in 1973. It started the day with the preparation of a drink containing over 100 g of protein derived from milk, eggs and powder concentrate, and the class of muscle training was ahead of its age by at least 10 years! 

As bodybuilders, we tend to fall into extremes. Often, when we want to gain weight, we eat much too much. When we want to increase strength, we lift too much weight. And when we want to make a sculpture, we eat too little. I know a bodybuilder weighing almost 100 kg, who trained twice a day and ate less than the average Miss America. 

I will not go into details here too much, but every organism has its specific level of energy demand, which must be provided to it every day. If consistently less energy is provided, the body adjusts to it, slowing down the metabolic rate. But when we want to burn adipose tissue, we need a high rate of metabolic transformation – and this means gradual reduction of consumption. Remember that your caloric intake is variable, while keeping the average level below the normal daily requirement. 

And once a week (if your muscles quickly flare, even more often), forget about the diet and eat! 

Throw them out of your diet and dot! Together with all this purified food, white flour, sugar and all products, which are even slightly flavored with flavors. 

Are measures to accelerate fat burning, lipotropic agents and other sets for “making sculptures” good? Well, before you start thinking about any measures that affect the increase in muscle definition (this includes all products that have a chisel or razor on the sticker), your primary concern should be to provide the body with adequate nutrients. These are vitamins and mineral salts (in particular, antioxidants, vitamins C and E, beta-carotene and trace elements such as calcium, potassium and magnesium). It is not possible to provide the right amount of nutrients needed to maintain good health (keeping in mind the needs of a bodybuilder) without consuming the right amount of food.

Since your caloric intake will be subject to significant restrictions, you must pay particular attention to the selection of complementary measures. 

For a bodybuilder who does not like to deal with a lot of pills and capsules, the easiest way is to take a good multivitamin and chelated microelements several times a day. The research results also show that chromium has a positive effect on metabolism, and thus on muscle development, and that a typical diet often does not contain enough chromium. 

The next thing is vanadyl. It is recently sought after by many people, although the medical and scientific circles still do not comment on its effectiveness and side effects. Despite the fact that it seems to affect muscle glycogen elevation – especially when carbohydrate and calorie intake is high – its mechanism of action is different than chromium and it is still uncertain whether it has any effect at all for the assimilation of amino acids. 

Coffee. If you want to improve the sculpture of your muscles, coffee can be helpful. During a sharpened diet, it provides energy, suppresses appetite, helps in fat burning and tastes good (at least for me). At the same time, it is a low-calorie, non-carbohydrate and fat-free product, which puts it at the top of the list of diet products! 

The next measure on the list of supportive measures is aspirin. This not too great achievement of modern science has greatly influenced the differences in the quality of the musculature of an amazingly large group of today’s mature bodybuilders. Bearing in mind the various types of pains accompanying high-intensity training, which takes place during the period of sharpened diet, several aspirin tablets can significantly change the course of the training session and allow you to do all the planned exercises. 

When it comes to fat burning, aspirin works well with caffeine. However, aspirin also has its side effects, so you should not fall into addiction when it comes to taking it. And of course, pay attention to contraindications and use it only when the need arises. 

The last measure on this list is ephedrine. If caffeine is your friend, ephedrine can be considered your crazy cousin. You can meet her only once for a while, and guaranteed that you will remember it for a long time. 

Consider this scenario You’ve had a hard day at work. You did not make it. You are depressed, famished, and in addition the muscles of the chest and back are deadly aching after the last training. All you want is to go home, eat a whole packet of ice cream and put asleep. But because next time you will be able to go to the gym until next week, you have to go to training today and, what’s worse, you have to workout your leg muscles. 

In this situation, before leaving work, swallow a tablet of ephedrine (two – if you have children at home or when your mother-in-law has arrived). You will do one of the best workouts you have recently experienced in an hour. That’s how ephedrine works, and – like other supportive measures – it also helps to burn body fat. Studies have shown that the combination of ephedrine with caffeine and aspirin (at appropriate doses) gives much greater effects on fat burning than any of these components used separately. Use ephedrine sparingly. Remember that ephedrine is not just a supplementary supplement and can have serious side effects. 

This is another point which in the present era will not bring me too much kindness (it is rather certain that it will result in a correction from the Editorial Office at the end of this article), but stay in the sun. Receiving regular doses of solar radiation improves muscles. And to a great extent. 

Well, but the cream from the tube is just as good … No! The influence of solar radiation on the clarity of muscles is much greater than the ordinary browning of the skin. The sun helps in getting rid of water, it brings the blood vessels closer to the skin and in addition to darkening the skin is involved in many other metabolic processes. Bodybuilders from the Arnold era, as well as from much earlier times, maintain that lying in the sun helped in getting rid of subcutaneous fat and many masters of the present day agree with this statement. Some even think that the sun stimulates muscle growth. Whether it is due to vitamin D, which is formed under the influence of ultraviolet rays or hormones produced by solar radiation or simply by heat, I do not know. But I know that if you follow my training program, diet, etc. – treating sunburn as the only element left to choose – then the results you achieve will be like day and night! Well, do not forget to use the right skin protection cream 




The combination is simple, train as hard and as hard as you can, often take days off from training to have time for regeneration. Carefully approach aerobic exercise. Use a high-protein diet with a slight reduction in calories – changing your calorie intake from day to day to keep your metabolism “boiling”. Take a lot of supplementary supplements and do not protect yourself from the sun. Observing these guidelines, the average bodybuilder who has to lose 7-10 kg of body fat (and even those who boast about the body’s body fat level below 10%) will be surprised by the extent of his muscles he will achieve in a relatively short time. Being at this point, it is easy to maintain this form, training intensively and not overeating. Or you can take another milestone and try to get a starting sculpture (you only have a few weeks of torture from her!). 

By increasing the speed of training and their volume, and doing a bit more aerobic exercise, while a little more restricting food consumption (eliminating, for example, products containing even a small amount of water, and this means a total discontinuation of canned food), you can burn even the last sections of body fat – and almost completely exhaust your psychological immunity. Well, you already had to assume that mental health in this case in second place. Now is the good time to perform superseries, triple series and series with pre-exhaustion. Of course, you will have to slightly reduce the loads you apply, but you do not expect any mass gains now. Just pump blood into your muscles, burn fat and wipe yourself (and trust that you will stay alive, at least for so long, to savor every food bite you encounter, waking up with hunger at night). You will also find that this type of peak form, the achievement of which gives a lot of satisfaction, is not to be maintained in the long run (so have a camera at hand) would be an obstacle on the way to achieving our bodybuilding goals. But to believe it all, you have to go through it at least once in your life. Walk with great caution! Then, do not allow yourself to get too fat again. After all, the last three months have been devoted to getting rid of body fat. 


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