What distinguishes ektomorphic cells? 

It is a group of very slim people with a small muscularity and small bones, which are hard to fat, no matter how much they eat. Research shows that providing such a person even 1000 kcal over energy demand in the period of 8 weeks led to a weight gain of 0.5 kg! !! Devastating is the data and the man immediately asks the question whether he or she will not chew on water chess, or synchronized swimming or other “interesting sport. Immediately I answer that none of these things and the following article will help you “skinny people in the fight for the growth of the desired muscle mass, but before we go into this we will characterize the problem, where is this” dog buried and what is the cause of your problems? 


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The problem lies in how the body deals with excess kcal and where these kcal go (the so-called Parcelation). This problem is mainly caused by hormones and in this case they are very unfavorable, if the dominant hormone in endo is insulin, which favors muscle and fat anabolism in the ecto the most dominant hormones are thyroid hormones, especially the most active T3 responsible for tightening the maximum rate of metabolism , which causes all these mountains of food to be efficiently burned in energy furnaces ectomorphs. In addition, there are a number of additional features not beneficial from the point of mass making 

– their metabolism adapts to the amount of food eaten the fastest of all types, accelerating and burning more almost immediately when the caloricity of the diet increases 

– as a result of the action of dominant thyroid hormones have a higher body temperature and every activity they perform costs them more energy than endomorphs 

– they are characterized by greater mobility and nervousness, faster digestion and thus better peristalsis and excretion – additional increase in kcal in the diet leads to increased production of thyroid hormones and increased activity of the nervous system 

As you can see above all this is presented in gray colors and in fact most of you doubt that they will ever lose nickname “skinny”. 

But what do you have a forum from? We will help you apply a shock therapy that will finally stimulate your muscles to grow. What steps must be taken to achieve this? 

1) Make a large excess of kcal in your diet. 

2) As a high level of carbohydrates in the diet will provide a turbo boost to prevent muscle catabolism. 

3) reducing activity outside the gym, avoiding sports activities and hard work. 

4) Short and intensive training sessions with moderate amounts per week. 


1) The ektomorphic diet should consist of a real top kcal and reach up to 70 kcal per kg body weight, that’s a lot of kcal. 

How to separate it? 

Many studies show that the distribution of kcal from particular ingredients should look like 50% of kcal in the diet should come from carbohydrates, 30% from proteins and 20% from fats. In the light of the latest research it can be assumed that the minimum amount of fats should be 25%, 25-30% from proteins and 45-50% from carbohydrates. Ectomorphics are the only group in which low-carbohydrate mass diets make it almost impossible to build muscle mass even at even higher kcal levels. 

An important aspect for each type of construction is the time of carbohydrate intake, and just like in other groups, the majority of carbohydrates should be consumed before and after training and during the breakfast period. Recent research shows that taking pre-workout proteins is even more important from the point of catabolism than taking proteins after additionally giving 50g carbohydrates along with 50g proteins will give the same hormonal response insulin as giving 100g carbohydrates, hence I strongly recommend eating before and during training mixtures of fast proteins (wpc / wpi / wph) and carbohydrates in large quantities, it is best not to burden the digestive system is the consumption of protein-carbohydrate cocktails. 

In the non-workout period one should base on slowly and evenly digested proteins such as casein (milk and milk products, mainly cheese) or from nutrients on the miraceral casein. 

In the period around training, ectomorphics should avoid fat as it slows the absorption of nutrients – proteins and carbohydrates, as well as fiber that works in an analogous way to the release of nutrients from the stomach like fat. 

Like all other muscle builders (regardless of the type of figure), ectomorphics should consume a large amount of protein, even up to 3 grams per kg body weight (this is already an extreme), but never less than 2g per kg. Such a way of eating requires the ectomorphics to add the right amount of vegetables to the diet, preferably in every meal, not counting the meal after training. 

Each of us who want to build muscle mass should use supplements that will fill the gaps in the diet, the following products are recommended: 

omega 3 fats – it is best to take 3 g per day 3 times a day 

creatine – in any form whether monovate, malate, ester or other form, creatine is a worthy recommendation, which is the strongest of legally available supplements to help increase muscle mass and strength 

carbo – or otherwise maltodextrins, the sources of carbohydrates in a diet with a quite high I / G quickly replenish the glycogen level in muscles exhausted by training 

Vitamin stools – sources of additional micronutrients we should take care that the minerals are in the form of chelates as they are better assimilated 

protein supplements – are an excellent source of fast amino acids in the period around training, their role is very important, you should eat proteins based on whey, eggs and miraceral casein and avoid soy, wheat and calcium casein based supplements. 

Of course, supplements are just a supplement and supplement to the diet without it, they are worth nothing and even the best training and supplementation will give us nothing without a diet, properly balanced and based on the least processed foods. 

In the field of ektomorphic training, it is recommended that they apply a few rules that are important to them 

– using only complex exercises with special consideration of squat, deadlift and bench press and bench press – taking care of the training session is as intense and as short as possible – the use of heavy weights in the exercises and low reps and moderate breaks between runs – taking care of sufficient rest between training sessions and during the day (minimum 8-9 hours should last a long sleep) 

In the ectomorphic training, the main focus should be on multi-joint exercises such as deadlift, squats, etc. Such exercises involve the majority of muscle fibers and additionally allow the use of really large weights which translates into a greater hormonal reaction which results in a more anabolic effect of muscle cells. 

Due to the fact that the ectomorphic should train quickly, intensively and as short as possible, it is recommended to exercise with weights in the range of 85-95% of 1RM (maximum weight that can be raised once), which in practice means a series of 1 to 5 repetitions in a series. However, in order for such training to bring effects, the ectomorphic should perform about 8-10 series of such exercise in a short period of time (intervals between sets within 60 seconds). For the most part, our “skinny” best results in whole body training in one session, consisting of 6 -7 multi-joint exercises for different body parts performed in one workout, training should be limited to 3 sessions a week, each day using other exercises for these same parties. 

An additional previously mentioned element that plays a very important role is the regeneration and hence a large amount of sleep and organically other activities and hard work. It is also important to avoid stress because the stress hormone cortisol is mainly responsible for muscle catabolism. That’s why rest of the body and spirit is also one of the elements of the puzzle, which leads us to large gains in muscle mass, which I wish for myself !!!!! 

The ektomorphic weighing 70 kg described in the article should eat about 4800 kcal, that’s a lot, that’s why the number of meals should oscillate around 8-10, consumed every 2h. The diet is of course an example, therefore, it also does not give weight. The diet looks as follows 


Omelette with 3 eggs with oatmeal 

Fruit and nuts 

Breakfast 2 

Roast beef 


Brown rice 

olive oil 

Meal 3 

Chicken breast 

Potatoes in uniforms 

Linseed oil 

Vegetable and fruit salad 


Alaska pollack 

Brown rice 


olive oil 

A meal <before training> 



Meal <after training> 



Meal up to 1h after training 

Chicken breast 




Semi-thick cheese 



For night 

Tuna, thin cheese, conditioner based on casein 


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