Slimming at home can be as effective as burning calories at the gym. It is worth modifying the domestic worker’s training a bit and bases it on his own time and financial capabilities. A diet will also be necessary!
Diet is the basis! Remember that!

A healthy diet is a recipe for healthy weight loss. Effective weight loss without a diet is practically impossible and even if you get quick results, you can go back to the old silhouette even faster!

A balanced diet should be based on healthy and wholesome products, such as animal meat (protein source), rice, buckwheat, oatmeal or rye noodles (sources of carbohydrates) and healthy vegetable fats (olive oil, walnuts, avocado). In addition, it is very important to eat fruits and vegetables, because they enrich the diet with essential vitamins and minerals.

It is worth remembering one more, very important thing. Effective weight loss will be possible when the calorie daily diet will be on the deficit, in the case of a healthy person amounting to 300 to 500 calories.

To get the right result, calculate your total daily requirement using the calculator, and then subtract one of the values ​​from the result.

Strength training at home

Housekeeper training, and thus strength training at home with the use of everyday equipment or the load on your own body, can work great during the reduction period.

An ideal solution during weight loss will be based on training involving all major muscle groups during one training session. The FBW (Full Body Workout) training fits very well in this recommendation.

Based on the FBW training plan, it will be done within a week

3 strength training sessions, engaging all major muscle groups at each session.

Cardio training at home

Interval training or aerobic training successfully, and effectively can be done in home conditions.

In the first case, the solution may be running in the form of HIIT training up the stairs or using the benefits of the Tabata method. In turn, in the case of aerobic training, a stationary exercise bike will be perfect. Of course, you can choose the form for your hardware and performance capabilities.

Regeneration – help your weight loss

After training, you must stretch your trained muscles. It is also worth to drink protein supplement as soon as possible (preferably a whey protein isolate due to its short absorption time), as well as eat carbohydrates that will supplement your energy reserves.

It is worth taking care of it, because this action improves the body’s regeneration processes, and it is a key issue in figure sports, regardless of whether the goal is muscle mass or slimming.

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