To be able to build muscle mass, the body needs a stimulus in the form of exercises. Good weight training involves working with less volume, but with heavier weights. Training three times a week seems to be a very good option for beginners, but it can also be used by more advanced people. Get to know weight training – 3-day training plan!

Weight training – main assumptions

Training for mass, as the name suggests, is aimed at increasing the muscularity. However, this is not about blindly adding extra pounds (mostly from adipose tissue). It is rather a conscious construction of muscle mass of individual muscle groups, so that our silhouette is proportional and aesthetic. There are many training methods, more or less effective, that can help us. However, all combine several common elements

– training with the use of free weights (barbells, dumbbells),

– less training volume,

– high intensity,

– positive caloric balance of the diet (as an essential building block for muscle growth).

Training for muscle mass – what should characterize?

A good training plan for muscle mass should be characterized by a small training volume. We should train less often, with fewer series and reps, but with heavy loads. The greater the muscle batch, the more complex the exercise should be, and the greater the load. One of the better methods of building muscle mass is precisely their development by improving strength.

When selecting exercises, we must base on multi-joint movements, using free weights such as

– squats

– extrusion

– dead strings

– rowing

– pull up on the stick

They will involve a lot more muscles than they do during isolated exercises.

Muscle training for beginners

People with less experience should first of all take care of the proper technique of exercises. Weight training for beginners should be based mainly on basic and multi-joint movements. This will allow you to quickly learn the so-called “Muscular sensation” and acquire the necessary experience that will allow you to build solid muscles and strength as quickly as possible. 3-day weight training seems to be ideal for beginners, because it will not overload the exercises and allow for proper regeneration.

Weight training – 3-day training plan

Below is an example of training for a 3-day mass. Warning! It is for people who are completely healthy.

Monday – training No. 1

Squats with barbell on the neck 3 series x 5 repetitions (see)

Squeezing the bar on a horizontal bench 3 series x 5 repetitions (see)

Dead series 3 series x 5 repetitions (see)

Push-ups on the handrails 2 series x 8 repetitions (see)

Wednesday – training No. 2

Barbell squats 3 series x 5 reps (see)

Squeezing the bar above the head 3 series x 5 repetitions (see)

Rowing barbell rake 3 series x 5 reps (see)

Pulling on the handrail with a 2 series x 8 reps (see)

Friday – training No. 1


Weight training – 3-day training plan – summary

We do training three times a week, eg Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Before each of them, remember to do a general warm-up, and before each exercise do 1-2 warm-up series with less load. This will avoid injury and hence breaks in the training cycle. The printed series are work series.

From week to week, try to increase the load by about 2.5% (even if we can not do it more). It’s about slow progression and muscle adaptation to higher loads.

This training is great when building mass for both beginners and advanced.

Despite the fact that the above plan is based only on basic polyarticular exercises, it greatly develops the entire body, indirectly affecting the interacting and peripheral muscles.

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