Where to climb in Poland? 

The area of ​​climbers’ activities are usually various types of rocks. In Poland there are limestones (Jura krakowsko-częstochowska), granites (Tatry, Rudawy Janowickie) and sandstones (Góry Stołowe). It should be remembered that every type of rock has its specificity of climbing. 

Another place that is rightly associated with climbing is the mountains. In Poland, climbing activities are allowed in the High Tatras. 

But what can we do if we live far away from mountains or rocks? An alternative is the increasingly popular artificial climbing walls that are a great place for training and so-called. urban climbing, that is, climbing on objects available within the city buildings. 


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What are the types of climbing? 

Climbing activities are divided into a number of different forms. We have a classic climbing among them, in which we use our own body to move up, and we treat the belaying only as a safeguard against any accident. 

Another type of climb is hook climbing, or artificial facilitation. In this form of climbing, we actively use belaying equipment. It is allowed to load the rope with the weight of one’s own body, gripping, standing on belaying points and using special benches – that is, short ladders, which are used to acquire consecutive meters. 

Depending on the terrain, we can distinguish different types of climbing. We are dealing here with rock climbing, or climbing rocks using a safety rope. 

Depending on the length of the route we want to overcome, we can distinguish single-climb climbing, where a single rope length is enough to reach the end of a previously determined road and multi-stretch climbing, in which 2-3 person team of climbers overcomes the road often exceeding the rope length many times, building indirectly belaying positions. This type of climbing is mainly used in mountain climbing. 

Bouldering, what is it? 

Another type of climbing activity is bouldering. This discipline consists in climbing a few-meter-long rock formations without the use of safety belts. In simple words, it’s about climbing a rock or stone, overcoming a selected rock problem – a specific sequence of movements. 

Bouldering takes place relatively low above the ground, and the basis for belaying is the so-called Crashpad, a mattress placed under a climber and a partner controlling the direction of a possible fall. 


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