There is no doubt that the proper diet plays the most important role in slimming.However, the fight against overweight also counts on physical activity and supplementation, which complements the diet.Among the supplements supporting weight loss are fat burners, ie preparations containing substances that accelerate the reduction of adipose tissue.Such supplements may contain various ingredients.

Supplements with conjugated linoleic acid

The most commonly used ingredients are coupled linoleic acid, or CLA.It is an isomer of linoleic acid with two compressed double bonds.The first CLA was isolated by scientists from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.Naturally coupled linoleic acid is found in milk and milk products, especially high-fat, as well as in meat of animals belonging to the ruminant group.CLA supports the transport of lipid molecules to mitochondria, in which the processes leading to the reduction of free fatty acids and their content in lipid cells take place.Conjugated linoleic acid increases the amount of fat transformed into energy, and at the same time reduces the accumulation of fat in the body.The beneficial effect of CLA is not limited to assisting the reduction of fat tissue.Conjugated linoleic acid has a positive effect on immunity as well as on the circulatory and nervous systems.It thins the blood and inhibits the breakdown of muscle tissue.This last feature makes CLA a good proposition for people who want to reduce body fat, but without harming the muscles.



Another group of slimming supplements for preparations containing L-carnitine.They were first isolated in 1995 by Gulewitsch and Krimberg, but as a supplement it began to be used much later, because it was not immediately known for its unique properties.L-carnitine supports the elimination of excess free fatty acids, which is promoted, inter alia, by eating too much carbohydrates.It acts as a transporter, transferring them to the place of combustion.At the same time, it stimulates the release of these acids from fat cells.L-carnitine is a substance that occurs naturally in the human body in an amount of about 20-25 g. Its production is possible thanks to such precursors as vitamins B3, B6 and C, iron, lysine, methionia and cofactors.If the level of any of them is too low, the ability to produce l-carnitine decreases.L-carnitine is found in red meat, poultry, fish and milk, and a small amount also in plant products.As with CLA, the effect of this substance is not limited to the impact on the slimming rate.L-carnitine stimulates skeletal restoration, acts anti-oxidation, improves post-workout regeneration and improves endurance during training.Supplements containing l-carnitine are therefore a very good proposition especially for people who train intensively.

L-Carnitine SoftGel

Caffeine supplements

Fat caffeine is also a common component of fat burners.It is an alkaloid that occurs naturally in coffee beans, guarana fruits and cocoa beans.Caffeine accelerates metabolism because it activates the lipolysis process in which fatty acids are released into the bloodstream.At the same time, caffeine stimulates the cerebral cortex and stimulates the production of dopamine, which results in the reduction of mental and physical fatigue and an increase in the feeling of pleasure.Caffeine supplements can be recommended, among others, to busy people and those who lead an active lifestyle.Such formulations can increase the pressure, especially if taken in large doses or in combination with drinking coffee.For this reason, caffeine supplements are not recommended for people who have problems with hypertension.

Caffeine Kick

Fat burners with green tea

Another popular ingredient of fat burners is yohimbine.Extract from the bark of a West African tree contains a chemical compound that, like caffeine, increases the amount of fat released from fat cells.If yohimbine is used before training, this increase may be more than double.Supplements containing this substance can not be taken by anyone.The list of contraindications includes, among others, liver and kidney diseases and anxiety disorders.

Green Tea EGCG

The list of ingredients found in fat burners is much longer.The individual substances differ in terms of how they affect the adipose tissue, as well as the entire body.It is important to choose the supplement best suited to your needs and health condition.


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