What is the running mask for? 

Its basic task is to limit the oxygen supply to the lungs of a running person, which increases their capacity and strengthens the respiratory muscles. The idea may seem very controversial (judging by the mass of negative opinions present on the Internet), but as it turns out … it makes sense. After completing the run and removing the mask, each breath of the practitioner becomes deeper and more effective, and as a result – the body is better oxygenated. 


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From scientific research conducted in 2016 on two groups of exercising persons (group I with masks, II group without masks), the ventilation group and the threshold of respiratory compensation (the moment of rapid increase in blood lactate) significantly increased in the mask group. This test can be treated as evidence that the mask fulfills its role in the fight for better physical condition and endurance of the body for effort. 

What does the running mask look like? 

The mask is made of rubber coated with neoprene and with 3 valves. The middle valve has the largest number of openings, the others can be changed depending on individual needs – it all depends on what effect we want to achieve. Different valve configurations are meant to imitate the conditions prevailing at different altitudes 

How does training with a running mask look like in practice? 

According to many, the first trainings with this gadget are not the most pleasant ones. The mask is very tight, it limits the inflow of air, which in many people may cause discomfort and arouse fear of lack of oxygen. However, the most important thing is not to panic and start to moderate activity (eg jogging, walking). After a few minutes, the body will adapt to new aerobic conditions. 

What effects can be obtained thanks to training with a running mask? 

Thanks to the running mask, the breath lengthens, becomes deeper and more effective. The even air intake also prevents the appearance of a shortness of breath and the feeling of clogging while increasing the intensity of training. This in turn makes even the heaviest workouts possible without panic for every breath. The condition is, however, one – training with a mask must be done regularly. 

Who is the running mask for? 

Running masks are recommended for intermediate and advanced people. Rather, they are not suitable for people with health problems and those who are just beginning to learn how to regulate their breathing during physical exertion. 


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