Among dietary supplements supporting slimming there are preparations containing chitosan. A few years ago, this substance has gained enormous popularity among people seeking to reduce weight and is still used often, despite the launch of many other products that facilitate weight loss.It is worth taking a closer look at the properties and the way the chitosan works and its safety.

HCA Chitosan

Properties and action

Chitosan is obtained from chitin, which is found in the shells of crustaceans such as crabs, lobsters, shrimps or crayfish.He found application in slimming supplements, due to its fat binding properties.The absorption of fat from food occurs mainly in the small intestine, in which the fat divided into particles penetrates into the bloodstream through the intestinal villi.To stop this process, substances that inhibit the absorption of fat are necessary.One molecule of chitosan is able to bind fat in amounts several times its own mass.This combination can not be digested in the digestive tract, therefore the fat is expelled from the body.Thanks to the chitosan the meals are less fattening, because it blocks the digestion of fat and makes it removed from the body.Research on the effects of chitosan is continuing.Some scientists are opposed to attributing to it inhibitory properties of fat absorption, but the results of some of the tests carried out prove that chitosan really facilitates the fight against overweight.As an example, research in Katowice, which was carried out under the supervision of prof.Barbara Zahorska-Markiewicz, dealing with the treatment ofobesity.Participants of the study were divided into two groups.People who received chitosan lost 16 kg on average over a six-month period, while members of the group who did not use this supplement lost 10 kg, which is over 1/3 less.Of course, chitosan should not be treated as a miraculous slimming agent, because you can not reduce weight without proper diet and activity.Chitosan has a beneficial effect not only on the rate of weight loss.Its health-related properties include regulation of sugar and cholesterol levels and support for the regeneration of intestinal bacterial flora.Chitin, from which chitosan is obtained, absorbs pollutants from water, which is why it was used in wound disinfection.


As with any other weight loss aids, there is a question about the safety of chitosan.Chitosan-containing supplements are safe if used correctly.However, due to its origin, it should not be used by people allergic to crustaceans.Among the possible side effects of chitosan supplementation are constipation and suppression of absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.Such problems are rare and are usually associated with taking too high doses of chitosan.


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