Are you bored with aerobic training? You do not have much time for boring running or a bike? Due to the overload of duties, you are often not at home? Do you want to burn fat effectively? You do not know which training plan to choose? All these questions have one answer, which is included in the word HIIT. This murderous training plan will squeeze you sweat


  1. HIIT – what is it?

High intensity interval training – high intensity cardio training in which high intensity intensity forms (80-90% MAX) are interwoven with medium intensity forms (40-50% MAX). Another name for this form of activity is anaerobic (anaerobic) training.

Anaerobic training has many advantages, one of them is a short exercise time. Sometimes 8 minutes is enough to start burning the subcutaneous fat tissue in your body, which can stay up to 24 hours after the exercise!

Even though it scares off high intensity, anaerobic training is advisable, for example, at the time of building muscle mass, when a bit (writing jargon of strongmen) we will sink into fat. It comes from the fact that unlike traditional aerobics, it does not burn muscle tissue!

The downside of this training is that it is often necessary to make it as far as decent efficiency of the body. People who are overweight or obese, who have problems with their condition or who have high blood pressure should stay away from this workout. Everything in concern for your health.


  1. Examples of trainings

HIIT training can have various forms, however, to the most popular ones of them belong


Kill exercises that combine squats and shoulder forward in a coordinated movement. The whole training lasts from 5 to 8 minutes and will give a kick even to those who have no problems with their own condition! High intensity series lasting about 20 seconds (12-15 fast movements) are interwoven with series of zero intensity – resting in a standing position. The option definitely for the most persistent!

– Interval course

Option equally demanding, but it is supported by a longer training time, which unfortunately is not associated with less intensity, and hence – less fatigue!

It is worth to take the section from 100 to 150 meters. For the difficulty it can be on a hill. Perform 10 to 15 quick sprints in 30 minutes. To the place of take-off, you return to a quiet jog, giving yourself time to catch your breath!

– And do you know that …?

And do you know that practically any physical activity can be turned into HIIT training? You can also run up the stairs and slowly get off of them, throw weights at the gym or cycling sprint interlace with slow driving!


  1. What to choose – HIIT or aerobics?

In addition to your own preferences, you should also be guided by experience, current performance and physical capabilities and available time. HIIT training is definitely not for everyone. Before you get to it, you need to assess your starting position, so is it possible to do the high intensity training without damage to your health? Is it better to let go and work on your condition? Is not it better to apply yourself to aerobics?

If during the period of building muscle mass you want to reduce body fat, or despite the great condition there is little time for cardio, the ideal solution will be anaerobic (anaerobic) training, often referred to as HIIT training, or High Intensity Interval Training.

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