The principles of the Copenhagen diet are very strict and many people give up this method of slimming. It is also worth knowing that many people warn others that going through this type of diet can lead to various types of complications.And yet, there are also many people who praise this diet and talk about its effectiveness.Decide for yourself if this is a diet for you.Get to know its operation, effects, principles and check what are the contraindications to its use.

What are the principles of the Copenhagen diet?

It is worth remembering that while applying the Copenhagen diet, it is necessary to observe several important rules.Namely, you can not eat more than 600 to 800 calories a day.This means that the caloric defect is enormous from the very beginning.The average young woman should consume about 2,000 calories a day.In men, it is recommended to eat up to 500 calories more.It is easy to say that this diet may lead to malnutrition.For many people, such a caloric defect may be associated with fasting.So how do you explain that the Copenhagen diet, despite being unhealthy, is effective?Another principle of this diet is compliance with the rules of eating meals.The first meal, or breakfast, is best eaten between eight and nine in the morning.Dinner is best eaten between twelve and fourteenth afternoon.And the last meal should take place from the sixteenth to eighteenth.Small deviations from this rule are allowed, but they should not happen too often. You also need to watch the duration of the diet.It should last thirteen days and not a day longer.If during these less than two weeks we stop the diet or do not comply with the rules, it is necessary to stop the Copenhagen diet andwait up to several months.It may seem absurd to many people, but during this diet it is not recommended to play sport, because it can lead to too much burden on the body.

Is the Copenhagen diet for you?

If you are wondering about the Copenhagen diet, you must know if it is for you.This diet can be used by people who are fully healthy and adults.It is also worth taking care of consultation with a doctor before using it.Such caution, it is necessary to take into account that during its duration it is necessary to give up carbohydrates, fats, and the caloric defect is huge.It is also worth remembering that this diet is not for people who work hard physically.However, it is ideal for those who have an office job.

Contraindications to the Copenhagen diet

Due to its strict rules, it is not for everyone.At the beginning it should be noted that it is not for young people whose body is still in development.It is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women.It should also be remembered that a diet such as Copenhagen is not for people who are elderly or suffer from any chronic disease.

What are the effects of the Copenhagen diet?

Despite the fact that many people consider it dangerous to health, it allows you to quickly lose weight and burn fat.It does not last long, we can achieve satisfactory results within thirteen days.


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