Every adult person realizes that his body needs a daily dose of fluids.It is often said that we should drink at least 1.5 liters of water each day.This does not mean, however, that the only good drink is water.Other liquids can reach even those who use a reduction diet.

At the beginning it is worth explaining that the exact amount of fluids to be drunk depends on the height, weight, physical activity and climate in which a given person lives.Losing weight requires both proper diet and physical activity, therefore in the case of people who do not have a reduction diet, the need for liquids is quite high.It is worth making mineral water one of the most popular products, due to the content of minerals that support metabolism and prevent mineral deficiencies that are dangerous to health.Products containing nutrients play an important role during the reduction diet, because eliminating some things from the diet increases the risk of shortages.While slimming you can also reach for spring water, which does not contain minerals, but it hydrates the body very well.

During the reduction diet you can also drink tea.Instead of black, however, you should choose green, for example.Green tea contains natural antioxidants, so it cleanses the body ofharmful toxins.At the same time, it stimulates the digestive system to produce digestive juices, and thus supports metabolism.Green tea also has other pro-health properties that lower cholesterol levels, regulate sugar levels in the blood and reduce blood pressure.This drink can therefore be recommended to those seeking to reduce weight, as well as all those who care about their health.

Black tea can also be replaced with red.This drink accelerates the metabolism of fats, which means that they are immediately converted into energy.It contains a lot of polyphenols, thanks to which it increases the absorption of food substances found in food.In addition, red tea regulates the secretion of bile and reduces cholesterol.It is recommended to drink it after meals and not on an empty stomach to prevent magnesium from being washed out.

During the reduction diet you can also reach for vegetable and fruit juices.It is recommended primarily tomato juice, which is low in calories, contains a lot of potassium and lycopene, protecting against the harmful effects of free radicals.Avoid, however, sugar-sweetened juices.Of course, the black list also includes other sweet drinks, especially carbonated ones, for example colas.

Many people have doubts about coffee. Unfortunately, scientists are not in agreement as to whether coffee helps or harms during the reduction diet.There are special slimming coffee on the market that contain, for example, fiber or chrome. However, it is worth using them wisely, treating them as a substitute for ordinary coffee, not a wonderful slimming measure.


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