People who travel a lot often complain that it is difficult for them to maintain the assumptions of the diet due to the lifestyle they lead. It is known that life on suitcases is not conducive to the independent preparation of balanced dishes and also complicates the issue of regularity of their consumption. It would seem that on the trip there is no alternative to ready meals and snacks such as candy bars or cakes. Meanwhile, as soon as I try to prove, it’s enough to have a bit of creativity to eat not only tasty, but also healthy, regardless of whether we are going to a family trip, a holiday trip or a business trip. 


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The most obvious solution to the problem of what to eat while on the road are simply sandwiches.
I know that a lot is said about bread, butter causes atherosclerosis, and hams are stuffed with chemistry, it does not mean that you have to undergo mass hysteria and avoid sandwiches at all costs, especially that you can prepare them in such a way that they are healthy and valuable. How to do it? Instead of white bread, one should use one that has been obtained from coarse milling flour. Instead of sausages you can use cooked or baked meat or smoked salmon or mozarella cheese, and as an addition – fresh vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber, pepper or tomato. Sandwiches can be spread with butter as much as possible. Complementing the meal may be, for example, multi-fruit juice or selected fruit. 

Although for many people the situation in which they would pull a container with chicken, rice and broccoli on a train or bus, it really depends on individual attitude.
The vast majority of travelers usually do not see anything wrong when ordering a kebab, hot dog, hamburger or a slice of pizza and consume it in the middle of the journey, so why eat a dinner prepared earlier would be a problem? Of course, this does not have to be the chicken and rice mentioned, a good idea will also be a meat and vegetable salad, or pasta with cheese and fruit. It is important that the dish is full-fledged, tasty and fit for consumption after a few hours of travel. 

On the journey, ready-to-eat milk products, such as natural yoghurt, kefir, and cream cheese (also called cottage cheese), can be checked quite well.
Many people are afraid of dairy products, in the belief that its consumption intensifies the deposition of fat, but this belief does not necessarily have to be true. Scientific research indicates that dairy products, especially those fermented, may have a positive effect on the fat burning process. Dairy provides a wholesome protein, certain amounts of emulsified milk fat and B vitamins and elements such as calcium. An excellent supplement for dairy products can be fruit, such as banana or apple and the previously mentioned sandwiches.


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