Fashion for a diet-miracle is definitely outdated. It is known, however, that regular exercise combined with proper nutrition can bring great results, visible not only in the silhouette of the body, but also in well-being. Here are 5 ingredients that added to your daily menu can make us significantly accelerate the calorie burning process.


They significantly accelerate metabolism. They are very filling and rich in fiber, thanks to which they positively affect the level of glucose in the blood. They work great in light salads and juices, especially smoothies.


They contain very little calories and an unusually high amount of water, making them an essential part of a well-balanced diet. However, they are not good as a key element of the menu, because they do not provide enough of the necessary nutrients. It’s good to combine them with other items from this list.

Omega-3 acids

It has been confirmed that ingredients containing omega-3 acids function as regulators of metabolism. They have a positive effect on the level of leptin, which is involved in regulating food intake and the level of fat burning. We can supplement the deficiency of these acids by eating fish, especially tuna, herring, sardines or salmon. A rich source of omega-3 acids are also rapeseed and soybean oil, almonds, flax seeds, butter, pumpkin seeds and nuts.


Pineapple will help you slim your stomach, prevent distention of the stomach and can help your body burn some extra calories. Pineapple is a nutrient-rich fruit containing vitamin C, manganese, thiamine, copper, fiber and vitamin B-6. In addition, pineapple contains one very important enzyme, bromeline, which is found in the stalk and pineapple juice. This enzyme metabolizes the protein, contributing to many health benefits and reducing body fat.

Sage Spanish – means Chia

The last element may be Spanish sage (often known as Chia seed), rich in proteins, fiber and omega-3 acids. It helps to improve metabolism, reduces appetite, increases the level of glucagon, the hormone responsible for blood glucose and fat burning. It’s enough to soak the seeds for about 15 minutes so that they grow and add them to salads, yogurts and porridge. They will help maintain a feeling of satiety and will help in the tedious fight with snacking.

Give up unhealthy, high-calorie food for light and low-calorie snacks that will help you lose weight quickly. Positive health effects will appear faster than you think!

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