One of the factors that influence the change in body weight is metabolism.Fast metabolism makes it easier to keep a slim figure, but it is slowed down by its enemy.Many people think that problems with metabolism have a genetic basis.In fact, their causes may be completely different.Here are some of the possible reasons for weakening your metabolism.

Too little sleep

It is often said that sleep deprivation has a negative effect on the functioning of the body.Weakness, problems with concentration, headaches and bags under the eyes are the first effects of not sleeping.Not everyone is aware that the consequence of a small amount of sleep may also be a deterioration of metabolism.What’s more, in this situation there are disorders in the secretion of hormones that are responsible for the feeling of hunger and satiety, and this leads to a greater propensity to snack.It is worth noting that not only the quantity but also the quality of sleep is important.The correct weight can be supported by a comfortable mattress and a good pillow as well as a suitable temperature in the bedroom.It is also recommended to ventilate the room just before bedtime.Researchers do not agree on how much sleep is appropriate.It is often said that it is an individual matter.Certainly, however, it can not be considered a sufficiently long sleep that lasts five hours.


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Too much stress

Some do not sleep as much as they should, because nighttime restraints make them more difficult.Another effect is the deterioration of metabolism.When a person becomes nervous, large amounts of cortisol, a hormone that increases fat storage, are formed in his body.Constipation is a problem for people living under stress.Nerve tension can be reduced by relaxation techniques, activity and sedative preparations.During physical exertion, serotonin is released, which is called the happiness hormone.If stress hinders daily functioning, it is worth considering using a psychologist.

Irregular meals

Another problem is irregular eating.An organism that receives food at regular intervals gets used to this rhythm and is better at digesting subsequent doses of food.When the interval between the first and second meal is two hours, and between the second and the third five, the body may have a problem with the correct use of food.Of course, this does not mean that you need to look at equal intervals between meals with accuracy to the minute. It would be very stressful, and as has already been mentioned, stress is the enemy of a good metabolism.

Night snacking

Poddanieanie always has a bad effect on the figure, but if it occurs at night, then the situation is even worse.Metabolism at night is slower than during the day.This means that all the snacks consumed at this time are accumulated in the body in the form of adipose tissue.The night should be spent on sleep, not on food.

Not enough liquids

For proper functioning, the body needs the right amount of fluids.Poor hydration leads to a slower metabolism and constipation.It is worth noting that mineral water is not the only good liquid.There are drinks that support metabolism and are especially recommended for those who care about slim figure.You can mention green tea and peppermint infusion among them. Coffee is also a good proposition because caffeine improves metabolism.It is not without reason that it is a frequent component of slimming aids.


Unfortunately, some diseases may also be the cause of poor metabolism.If, despite proper nutrition and an active lifestyle, the weight increases, the cause may be, for example, hypothyroidism.It is important to carefully observe your body, and if you find disturbing symptoms, consult your doctor immediately.

In summary, there are many factors that can have a negative effect on metabolism and hence on body weight.So you can not blame everything on genes and disregard the mistakes you make.Observance of the principles of proper nutrition, active lifestyle and healthy rest will help maintain an efficient metabolism and facilitate the fight against overweight.


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