Regardless of whether you train to increase muscle mass, to lose weight, or if you also want to improve your fitness or simply relieve stress and feel better, after physical exercise you have to provide a well-balanced dose of nutrients. Both improperly composed meal and complete lack of it during this period is an undesirable phenomenon, because it can impair the regeneration process and reduce the effectiveness of training. 


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There are many – often contradictory – views on what a post-workout meal should look like, and questions about his composition regularly appear on sports forums, both in the sections devoted to nutrition and supplementation. Although the content of the theories disseminated here and there seems to be quite exotic and unworthy of stopping at them, it is certainly worth taking a look at some of them, analyzing their foundations and verifying their validity. Especially doubts about the presence of protein, carbohydrates and fat in the first meal consumed after the end of the training session seem to be particularly valid, as well as the rest of the issue of the alleged superiority of sports nutrition over conventional food. In this article I will make a short systematization of knowledge about how a post-workout meal should look like. 

Some beliefs say that after exercise, you must immediately compensate for energy losses, providing the right dose of simple sugars such as glucose, the other – that after leaving the gym, the intake of the protein product is crucial, thus providing access to all essential amino acids. In practice, however, it turns out that the truth – as it often happens – lies in the middle. 

Both the presence of carbohydrates and proteins in a post-workout meal has a solid justification, so it is worth balancing the meal to provide both nutrients. Although in practice both the acceptance of the protein itself and the sugars after exercise will contribute to the inhibition of catabolism, according to scientific research, we get the best anabolic response when combining them – it is worth remembering. 


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