Have you lost weight many times?

After many months, years of sacrifice, trying different methods, you finally managed to lose excess kilos? You are slim, but you do not enjoy it? Why great weight loss effects can make a profession explain doctor, clinical dietitian, trainer from the Obesity Treatment Center Paleta Diet. 


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Slimming – this is commonly called the process of reducing excessive body weight, which is a symptom of overweight and obesity.

Obesity is primarily a disease – complicated, chronic, without a tendency to self-relieve, which leads to other serious illnesses. It is a huge risk of occurrence, among others myocardial infarction, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, non-alcoholic, fatty liver disease. 

– Unfortunately, the worship of a slim figure portrayed in the media has made overweight and obesity not perceived as a disease, but an aesthetic defect. In principle, this trend is good for society because of the above health consequences, but on the other hand, in many patients with overweight or obesity leads to numerous problems of image, emotional and social nature – says doctor. 

People with obesity often have reduced self-esteem and effectiveness, they feel stigmatized.

Many scientific studies have shown that people with obesity are less likely to leave the home, have problems in socializing and difficulties in establishing male-female relationships. What’s more, they also often have problems on the job market. They are discriminated at work, earn less, and worse on job interviews. They are perceived by employers as people with frequent absence at work, lazy, unaimed. Such perception is highly harmful to them. 

When, after many emotional changes, a person with obesity decides to start treatment and lose weight, he engages in diet, exercise, etc. and very often it achieves success. – This is due to the fact that all the above-mentioned factors adversely affecting her health and well-being more intensively motivate her to action – says doctor. 

Experiences related to obesity, being obese, often brutal, tragic, resulting in withdrawal from many areas of personal and social life, make patients with obesity strongly believe that after slimming, when they gain a healthy body mass their previous life it will change for the better. They will be liked, find a permanent partner, they will be more obliged, they will like each other, they will be attractive, sexy, happy. 

– But it often happens that when they reach their goal, when they look at their dream slim figure, or the indicator on the scale showing the desired value in kilograms, they feel disappointed. I happen to hear from patients who lost 20 or 30 kilograms of the word. I do not see that I look better, I look like it looks like I did – says doctor.

What then, is the occupation that we feel after slimming? 

– My patients during the weight reduction are waiting for the husband to notice that they have lost weight, until the colleagues at work praise them. They are embittered when nobody notices around them. Out of jealousy, lack of interest or simply because people are afraid to comment, express your opinion. They do not want to offend the person who is slimming down, so they pretend that they do not see it. It happens that they turn away from her, give up their relationship with her, friendship, relationship because they are afraid that since she has changed physically, her personality, temperament, everything that they once valued, liked and loved in her doctor.

Meanwhile, overweight and obese patients emphasize how badly they need the WOW effect! – delighted looks and compliments. It is an expression of appreciation for their struggles, efforts and sacrifices in the fight against the disease. 

Seizing the source of all life problems in the disease is a common tendency among obese patients.

I think I’m fat / thick, that’s why nobody invites me to parties, does not talk to me, I do not get along with my partner, my marriage is falling apart, my children do not respect me, but as soon as I thin, all my troubles will pass. 

– Negative obesity experiences can of course cause many changes in personality, affect relationships with the environment, create problems in everyday functioning. But let’s admit to ourselves that the disease and how others perceive it are not the source of all our daily troubles and life’s failures. You can not blame everything on the disease. It may be the fault of our personality, external conditions, etc., which have nothing to do with the thickness of fat tissue – says doctor.

Patients with obesity often focus on the very process of slimming, and forget to take care of the skin, which under the influence of expanding adipose tissue stretches, formed on it stretch marks and cellulite. On arms, stomach, thighs, buttocks, so-called skin overhangs. And the more advanced the obesity is, the bigger they are, the more they hinder hygiene, intimate life and everyday functioning. 


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