You do not have to be slim like a model, so that the pup looks good in shorts or thongs. More important than the hip circumference is the nice shape of the buttocks and firm, smooth skin. Even if your ass is far from ideal, you can improve their appearance and get rid of cellulite on the buttocks. 


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What determines the shape and appearance of the buttocks? 

The shape of the buttocks is largely determined by genes. In most Polish women, the pupa is like a pear. Fat accumulates in the bottom of the buttocks and in the upper thighs. When it is too much, the pupa will sag, and on the back and sides there are bumps (so-called breeches). 

Their legs seem to be shorter and the silhouette is more massive. So even a small excess of fat in this area changes the proportions of the entire figure. It’s still not everything. Sagging buttocks press on thighs, which results in decreased circulation in adipose tissue and promotes the formation of cellulite on the buttocks. 

How to get rid of cellulite on the buttocks? 

Unlike the stomach, the muscles of the buttocks can be easily strengthened and modeled. Gymnastics help the most. You have to train regularly, not less than three times a week. Exercises cause fat burning, improve muscle tone and blood supply to the skin. Pupa floats and gains a nicer shape. 

Check your cellulite level! 

No less important than gymnastics is a low-calorie diet, rich in fiber. The rest will be provided by anti-cellulite cosmetics and – if the problem is more serious – professional treatments in beauty salons. 

Types of cellulite 

When cellulite is associated with overweight, it is relatively easy to fight it. The exercises and diet bring good results. But, as research shows, orange peel is not always directly related to the amount of body fat even in lean women. Its appearance is then conditioned genetically and related to the physiology of a woman. In this case, the fight against the orange skin is much more difficult. 

When does cellulite appear on the buttocks? 

Cellulite is formed when estrogen levels increase in the body. Most often this occurs during puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding, before menopause and when taking oral contraceptives. 

Excess estrogen affects the increase in the permeability of blood and lymph vessels. As a result, the physiological fluid penetrates through their walls and accumulates in the intercellular spaces. Edema is created that hinders microcirculation in the subcutaneous layer. Fat cells are poorly supplied with blood, so they easily accumulate fat and toxic waste products. When this excess is swollen, characteristic unevenness under the skin arises. 

What cosmetics do you use to fight cellulite? 

Anticellulite creams and balms act as boosters. Most of them contain caffeine, ginkgo extract, ginseng, sea algae, horse chestnut, L-carnitine and other active substances. 

They counteract the accumulation of water in the body, improve the blood circulation of the skin, accelerate the cleansing of the body of toxins and fat burning. They make the results of anti-cellulite treatments appear faster and more visible. 


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