Whey protein is the most popular source of nutrients. We distinguish among them whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolyzate. Today we will analyze the last of them. What is the hydrolyzate of whey protein different from other types and is it worth investing in it?

Whey protein hydrolyzate – what exactly is it?
Whey protein hydrolyzate, or WPH, as well as whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate, is of dairy origin. As the name suggests, it is obtained by hydrolysis, and more specifically enzymatic hydrolysis. This process involves treating whey protein concentrate or isolate with proteolytic enzymes. This enables the breakdown of long peptide chains into shorter ones. These chains are characterized by better bioavailability and faster digesting process.
In addition, the hydrolyzed whey protein has the best amino acid profile and the highest protein content up to 100%. It is worth noting that the hydrolysates available on the market differ in the degree of hydrolysis. Two units of measurement are used to measure its degree
• degree of hydrolysis (DH – degree of hydrolysis), which is a measure of protein degradation by the enzyme
• percentage of hydrolysis
Any protein showing less than 100% is determined to be partially hydrolysed. The higher the percentage of hydrolysis, the more peptides in the product. In turn, if the DH value is high, the peptides are better absorbed by the body.

Whey protein hydrolyzate – advantages of using
The advantages of whey protein hydrolyzate should be distinguished
– low fat and milk sugar. This is important from the point of view of people who have problems with the digestive tract.
– the shortest absorption time, which varies between 15 – 60 minutes. Application of WPH
is therefore an ideal solution in the post-training period when there is a need for quick nutrition of muscle cells.
– supplementation with whey protein hydrolyzate may increase the level of insulin. This hormone supports the transport of nutrients to cells, including muscle cells.

It also seems interesting to study scientists from the University of Minnesota. They found out that in a group of 30 subjects taking whey protein hydrolyzate within 6 weeks, systolic blood pressure dropped by 8 mmHG on average, while diastolic pressure dropped by an average of 5.5 mmHG. A decrease in LDL cholesterol was also observed.
Whey protein hydrolyzate – dosage
The use of protein supplements is a matter very often addressed by dieticians and athletes and closely related to the general protein needs. It is easy to see that the available data differs in a significant way. It results
from the fact that it is a very individual matter, conditioned by, among others intensity and type of training, sometimes regeneration and activity coefficient.
The optimal dose of protein delivered after strength training seems to be 0.2 – 0.4 g per kilogram of lean body mass. Of course, the protein source can be as much as a whey protein hydrolyzate.
Whey protein hydrolyzate – is the best choice for you?
Not necessarily, because this product is not free of defects among which should be specified
– high price, often even twice as high as whey protein concentrate and 20-40% higher than whey protein isolate
– worse taste in relation to WPC, because proteins subjected to the hydrolysis process taste much worse

Is it worth buying a whey protein hydrolyzate?
If we take into account the rate of absorption, the purchase of whey protein hydrolyzate turns out to be a hit. I recommend this form of protein to people for whom the costs of supplementation are of little importance and those who are not bothered by the bitter taste of the conditioner.
In turn, the whey protein concentrate is absorbed more slowly, has more fat and lactose in its composition, while it is tastier. For these reasons, among the adepts of bodybuilding at the amateur level, it is by far the most popular.
An interesting compromise seems to be the whey protein isolate. It is cheaper and tastes better than a hydrolyzate, and breaks down faster than concentrate.
Thus, for the best form of protein, which is a whey protein hydrolyzate, I recommend reaching primarily to people who are not tolerant to lactose, or, if necessary, competitive athletes of body sports.

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