Currants – popular in small gardens and plots, while in the bazaars appear less and less. Not everyone loves their sour taste, which is why they are very popular. It’s a pity, because it is our native good, rich in many valuable ingredients for health.

Raspberries, strawberries, peaches are very popular among adults and children. You can buy them at fairs, supermarkets practically throughout the summer season. Currants, however, do not enjoy such a fame, and yet it is our Polish, original and very characteristic for our country fruit. Polish currants are exported to many countries in Europe and the world, and on our tables is not a frequent guest. In fresh form, we can enjoy them only in July, so it is the ideal time to look for them in the bazaars or local farmers.


What is hidden in currants?

All varieties of currants are rich in vitamin C and PP. They also provide potassium, calcium and phosphorus. In the white currants we also find a lot of magnesium. All varieties provide a large amount of water-soluble dietary fiber, which helps to maintain the proper level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood.

The richest in valuable ingredients is undoubtedly black currant. Already a handful of currants provides enough vitamin C, which covers the daily requirement of an adult person for this ingredient. It also contains a lot of flavonoids (natural antioxidants) that protect the body against oxidative stress and the development of diseases, among others atherosclerosis, cancer or neurodegenerative diseases. Flavonoids are also cleansing. They have the ability to form complexes with heavy metals, which facilitates their removal from the body. Blackcurrant also provides phenolic acids that inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, and have anti-inflammatory and antithrombotic effects.


The health-promoting properties of blackcurrant fruit and its leaves have been used in folk medicine for a long time

– applicable to upper respiratory tract infections and angina,

– also supports the treatment of gout and rheumatism, anemia or cataracts

– blackcurrant juice supports the treatment of migraine, gastrointestinal problems

– infusions from blackcurrant leaves accelerate the process of excretion of toxins from the body

Red and white

All varieties of currants have a lot of fiber, but the most is in red currants. Thanks to this, they are known as allies of weight loss. A large amount of pectin causes the volume of the content in the stomach to increase, and thus the satiety lasts much longer.


Red currants are also used in many diseases and dysfunctions

– with indigestion caused by a deficiency of digestive juices and heartburn,

– in chronic liver disease,

– constipation (a large amount of fiber)

– helpful in the process of cleaning the body of toxins (tannins)

– thanks to anthocyanosides, they inhibit the growth of bacteria

– thanks to routine, they strengthen the fragile blood vessels

Red and white currants also help with skin problems. Thanks to the presence of zinc and sulfur – crushed fruits or bath in the decoction of the leaves help to remove the rash or acne.

Let’s eat currants for good health! Any variety of black, red or white will bring to the body a lot of valuable values, which will translate into a huge benefit for our health.

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