Are you devoting yourself to slimming for many weeks, and your results are not as spectacular as those who publish their transformations on the Internet?We admit, it can demotivate.Instead of discouraging you from training and keeping your diet, read about the tricks used by the Instagrama stars.As it turns out, they do not look as good as it looks in the pictures.Here is a list of things that affect this effect.

  1. Posing

How to make the body look slimmer and more shapely? You do not have to spend a day at the gym or go on any diet to get it.All you have to do is learn to pose.If you stand slightly sideways, your silhouette will look slimmer and the waist will be narrower.Leaning forward you can see the musculature and figure V. The Instagram models often expose the buttocks on one leg, leaning slightly forward and gently bending the leg in the knee.This allows you to increase the lordosis of the spine and stretch the gluteal muscle, which will emphasize its shape.Tricks that can be used to emphasize thinness are many.In this the most obvious one, that is, pulling the belly.

  1. Light

The power of illusion that light gives us is huge.Thanks to it, we can highlight shadows on the six-pack or slim the silhouette.You probably know this video in which the woman’s face changes dramatically under the influence of changing the angle of incidence of light.The same effect can be applied to the entire silhouette.It is not without reason that the bodybuilders are standing on the stage so that the light falls on them from above.

  1. Session time

Why are photo sessions of fitness trainers, Instagram stars and other people earning on their appearance mainly created in the summer? It’s not a coincidence.It is then that the climax of reduction takes place most often, ie the time of the largest defatement of the body.It is worth emphasizing, however, that maintaining such a figure is extremely difficult, and in many cases even impossible.Preparations for the photo session, performance or – just – years, are often paid for a long-lasting, murderous reduction.In such a state it is difficult to function, and the well-being and energy remain at a very low level.After finishing the photo session, these people usually go to the mass season and take on adipose tissue.However, this is hidden under clothing.


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  1. Dehydration and carbohydrate loading

It might seem, maybe very thin, thin people look like every day.Nothing more wrong.Photo session of bodybuilders and fitness models is governed by its own laws.Preparations for it last several days, during which the diet changes and dehydrates the body.Just before the session, the so-called Carbohydrate loading.It can be used to better expose the musculature.It is also helpful to perform several exercises, thanks to which the muscles will be better supplied with blood and thus inflated.That’s why you look better than a few hours later just after strength training.


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  1. Tan

At this point, once again, we will appeal to bodybuilding.As you can easily see, each player puts on a bronzer.Why?Well, tanned, oiled body looks much thinner than pale.In addition, thanks to tanning, the muscles are better emphasized.In addition, we subconsciously assess tanned bodies as healthier, full of luster and vigor.Remember, however, not to overdo it.Long-term tanning and tanning on the birch, do not look natural or good.But a delicate tan – why not?

  1. Photoshop

It’s time for the obvious but noteworthy that not all the transformations and profiles posted on the Internet are true.Let’s start with the fact that in the first place successful photos are chosen, on which the silhouette was best exposed.Let’s not be fooled and do not believe in pictures taken by surprise.Most often they are planned and posed.Now we go to the bottom, that is, for photo processing.Thanks to today’s graphic programs, you can easily get rid of bacon, cellulite or other shortcomings.Manipulation can also be done with the most common filters, eg from Instagrama.


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