You’ve probably seen people in the gym that always look the same. In addition, the weights that float do not change. Most explain that it is the fault of genetics. In most situations it is obviously nonsense! Anyone who devotes a few minutes a day to calculate calories / macronutrients to arrange a diet tailored to him, it is possible that he forgets what is the continuous “downtime” …

This text refers to articles about diet planning in bodybuilding. If you have not read them yet – be sure to read them – Laying a bodybuilding diet and How to create your own nutritional plan. This article is not a comprehensive argument, but it contains short answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Counting the macro – the key to success.

The truth is that by counting calories, progress in building mass can be noticed from week to week (by counting calories we understand the appropriate distribution of macronutrients selected for a specific person). Regardless of whether you are on the reduction of body fat or during building mass, counting calories gives you the only fully effective way to achieve the goal by natural means.


You can, of course, build muscle mass without enumerating everything in your diet, but this process can be much slower! During the reduction of body fat, this method is of particular importance in order to maintain as much as possible the strength and musculature developed during the period of muscle building.


Is counting calories the only way to achieve your goal?

It is not the only one, but it is the most effective in natural bodybuilding. It should be mentioned that about 85% of people training in gyms do not count calories. What is connected with this – an exemplary, quite muscular gym visitor, does not have to count every calorie consumed … many people work long years to get a good figure. They try to eat healthy at certain times and care for the right amount of meals. It is known that by following these rules for sure the results will be visible over time. However, if the same person would stick to his or her specific caloric supply, this effect could be achieved much faster!


Counting calories, and building muscle mass.

What can be achieved by counting macronutrients while building muscle mass? First of all, a faster – noticeable weight gain visible from week to week. If the caloric pool for your body is selected accordingly, while maintaining the appropriate proportions of macronutrients, your muscles will increase the volume in the fastest possible way (main assumptions of natural bodybuilding). Another advantage is the constantly increasing strength resulting from the high caloric supply, absorbed by the body.


Counting calories, and reducing body fat.

Counting calories is especially important during reduction. If you care about maintaining the maximum strength and musculature, the proper distribution of macronutrients in the diet will give you the best effect. Many people, who have no idea about building muscles, underestimates to a large extent the amount of individual macronutrients during the day. Of course, this will result in fat loss, but with fat you will get rid of your muscles too much! Do not you want it? If you properly calculate the calorific pool for your own body, the reduction diet should not be a torment, but a period when you eat the right amount of macro in moderation.



If you have never counted the calories consumed during the day and you want to achieve the goal in the shortest possible period, take some time to learn the basic information on the subject. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can change your figure.

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