Artichoke is a vegetable that has not yet gained much popularity in Poland, but it is often eaten in many other countries, especially in Italy.Maybe soon artichokes will appear more often on Polish tables, because more and more people are aware that their consumption is beneficial for health and body shape.

Artichokes are plants from the Asteraceae family that are grown primarily in the warm Mediterranean region, i.e. in Spain, Italy and France.The edible part is a bud of a floral plant from which hardened scales are removed.

Artichokes and slimming

Artichokes are low in calories.In 100 grams of this vegetable there are only 47 calories.They contain low fat, and at the same time they are rich in fiber, which is why they match the menu of people striving for weight reduction very well.They are not the only reasons why dietitians encourage eating artichokes while slimming.The vegetable contains cynarin – a substance that supports metabolism and regulates the sugar level, as well as inulin, which works in a similar way as fiber, giving a long-lasting feeling of satiety.It also contains chlorogenic acidand niacin, or vitamin PP.Chlorogenic acid is an antioxidant that helps remove excess carbohydrates and fat, while niacin accelerates metabolism.Eating artichokes therefore has two benefits.The first one is the reduction of appetite, the second one – better digestion and faster fat burning.

Artichokes and health

Of course, artichokes also have other valuable properties.It is a valuable source of potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and iron, as well as vitamins A, E and C, K, the aforementioned vitamin PP and vitamins from the group B. Artichokes contain flavonoids that protect against the harmful effects of free radicals.A diet containing large amounts of artichokes can be considered as an aid in the treatment of many diseases.Cynarin stimulates the production of gastric juice and bile, and regulates cholesterol and lipid levels.At the same time, it supports the purification of the body and the excretion of unnecessary metabolic products, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of the liver.The action of inulin is also not limited to reducing appetite, because it has the ability to regulate the level of sugar.Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the artichoke meant that this plant gained popularity in cosmetology.Artichoke herb has a positive effect on problematic skin.Extract obtained from it supports the treatment of acne, as well as psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and eczema.The health-promoting properties of this plant have resulted in the sale of products such as artichoke juice and tablets and herb for the preparation of artichoke tea.It is worth paying attention to these suggestions, but the best choice is to include artichokes in your menu.

Artichokes in the kitchen

There are many tasty dishes that can be made from artichokes.There are cooked, baked and fried dishes inside.What’s more, the vegetable tastes great.When buying artichokes, it is worth paying attention to their color and hardness.They should also be sharp.Before preparing food, remember to remove hard scales and peel off the inflorescence.It is recommended that steamed artichokes be cooked to maintain their full properties.The vegetable fits very well, for example, eggs, tomatoes and herbs such as basil.While slimming you can eat, for example, artichoke salad and dried tomatoes.To prepare it, you need one medium sized tomato, six dried Italian tomatoes, five pieces of artichoke, twenty capers, fresh thyme, one shallot, salt, black pepper and olive oil.Shallots should be cut into small pieces, fresh tomato into cubes, and dried tomatoes and artichokes into thin strips.Later cut vegetables mixed with capers and seasoned to taste.Such a salad is dietetic, and at the same time very tasty and health.


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