Sport, if cultivated in the correct way, can improve both fitness and well-being. When exercising, you should keep in mind our metabolism, in particular the acid-base balance. 


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3 Jentschura rules 

Dr Peter Jentschura and his son Roland Jentschura developed three main principles, the observance of which proved to be very beneficial for athletes from the Austrian ski team and cycling groups. 

Before starting the exercise, supplement the alkaloid minerals. 

After completing the exercise, apply basic cleansing. 

Then undergo constant alkaline and basic regeneration. 

The above recommendations are equally important for those who practice sports only for pleasure as well as for professionals. The more sport you do, the more you should follow them. 

Why is it worth exercising? 

The movement of the body and muscles supports intestinal peristalsis, especially blood flow. When we have too little movement, the blood flows too slowly and is unable to transport enough oxygen and nutrients to the cells, which in turn means that too small amounts of carbonic acid are removed from the cells. Then the body quickly becomes acidified. 

Excessive and excessive exercises … 

When exercising excessive and – in some cases too strenuous – exercise, lactic acid, acetic acid and uric acid are produced. Our body is not capable of metabolizing such an excess of acids. The results are felt, inter alia, in the form of burning, pain and muscle pain. Both excessive physical exercise and insufficient exercise can lead to excessive acidity. 

The impact of diet on athletic performance 

Proper nutrition is of particular importance to professional athletes. Unfortunately, today’s lifestyle makes it difficult to break with bad habits regarding excessive consumption of acid-forming products such as meat, ready meals, sugar, sweetened drinks or salt. 

Nicotine, alcohol and environmental pollution are also harmful. As a result of these acids and toxins, as well as acids formed by too much physical exertion, many athletes achieve excessive acidification too early, which negatively affects their results. 

Basic and acid forming products 

This can be prevented by preventive mineralization, alkaline purification or continuous regeneration. It will improve both health and achievements of athletes. 

A properly constructed diet should consist of 80% of base-forming and 20% of acid-forming products. The base-making products include vegetables, potatoes, fruits, seeds, shoots, nuts, herbal teas, aromatic and fruit preparations, vegetable juices, etc. 

Acid-forming products include meat, coffee, alcohol, milk and milk products, confectionery, wheat flour products, etc. 

Basic purification and prophylaxis 

It’s important to exercise regularly. The more you exercise, the lower the level of accumulated acid. On the one hand, improved circulation provides the body with more oxygen to produce energy. The amount of acid formed in the muscles that perform the exercise is reduced because energy production takes place. 

On the other hand, as a result of the improvement of circulation, which is the effect of regular exercise, the elimination of acids increases. 

After a lot of effort, it is worth taking a long alkaline bath with the use of salt, and in addition to alkaline purification, you can prophylactically provide the body with a wide range of omnimolecular vital substances. 


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