A post-workout meal is recognized as the most important one in our menu. It directly influences the regeneration of our muscles. Certainly you have often wondered what to eat after training. Well, the white rice found in every kitchen is the best solution for quick delivery of carbohydrates to the body.


White or dark rice?

Recently, you can hear many voices about the fact that dark rice will be a much more favorable substitute for white rice. All this is due to the glycemic index, which is lower in dark rice. What does it mean?

– less amount of glucose in the blood after eating

– less insulin in the blood

– less storage of sugars

– the desire to eat something will not appear in the near future

The effect would be very good if we put on a healthy meal that does not shake up the blood sugar level. Meanwhile, after the training, where intense exercise forced the body to use up the glycogen stores contained in the muscles, we have to focus on rebuilding. After all, if we have consumed carbohydrates, we need to even out their level, putting on their consumption in an amount greater than in the case of an ordinary meal.


What to eat after training?

In post-training meals, carbohydrates and proteins should appear first of all. Especially when we exercise seriously, not only by trotting, and our body is exploited to a large extent and requires the supply of compounds for reconstruction.

It is indicated that consumption up to 30 minutes after finishing the carbohydrate exercise will allow the muscles to start the glycogen reconstruction process. Are you afraid that the sugars consumed will thwart your plans to lose unnecessary kilograms? Nothing more wrong.

After a really solid training, you deserve a reward, literally. A post-workout meal is a time when you can afford a little more. Now is the best time to eat something sweet. Of course, we recommend here a natural sweetness, not the one contained in bars, but if you can not resist – better now than the evening.

Providing simple carbohydrates that we find in rice is one of the basic activities on which we should focus.


Why white rice?

There are many sources of carbohydrates. We find them in fruit as well as pasta and bread. Why is it worth betting on white rice?

– it is quick to digest

– does not burden the digestive system

– it works great in the mass building process, where the amount of carbohydrates consumed reaches even the limits of bioavailabilit

– fits well with the most popular chicken

– clogs


The rice itself gives us not only a wide spectrum of possibilities inside the body. He works with us in the kitchen itself. In the end, its preparation does not last too long, nor will it cause problems when inventing dishes to which you can add a protein (equally important in a post-workout meal). We can help digestion by slightly overcoming grains.

It is the composition of rice with other ingredients that will be extremely helpful, also in case of doubt about the high glycemic index of the product. We will effectively reduce the value of the parameter for the entire meal, adding even poultry to it. This will allow you to balance the food, and thus get the desired effect. It will enable this


  1. a) Effectively rebuild glycogen. The body will “catch” the carbohydrates it needs, at a rapid rate, and the insulin that directs sugar to create reserves will help in the regeneration process


  1. b) Keep blood glucose at a moderate level. This will help chicken and other food additives with a significantly lower glycemic index than rice alone.

The whole will make us not feel hungry after a while, as it could be in the case of eating only high-carbohydrate carbohydrates, and we will provide a solid dose of sugar to rebuild muscle fibers.


Other advantages of rice

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, white rice has several other positive features

  • does not contain gluten
  • contains potassium beneficial for pressure regulation
  • contains magnesium that supports the nervous system
  • we find zinc and iron in trace amounts
  • a whole range of B vitamins, regulating the nervous system
  • fiber, supporting intestinal peristalsis (a bit more is in dark rice than in white)

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