A very ingrained and equally harmful myth. Many men training in the gym forbid their strength training to their women. Ladies are also afraid of heavy weight training because of the “overgrowth of muscle tissue,” the assimilation of a man. There is no more absurd myth. The woman has mainly female sex hormones in the body, because, unlike a man, she does not have testes (which produce testosterone in “ugly sex”, or more specifically, testosterone in men mainly produce testicular interstitium – Leydig). For this reason, the amount of the most important anabolic and androgenic hormone is negligible in women (they produce androgens only in the adrenal glands, testosterone, DHEA, androstendion, in addition, adrenal glands produce small amounts of estrogen and progesterone). Source: Human physiology with elements of applied and clinical physiolog

An application that everyone should put right away – for this reason, a woman CAN NOT build excessive muscle mass and become similar to a man. Only external administration of hormones (anabolic steroids) could cause excessive overgrowth of muscle mass in women (and virilization, characteristic for coking ladies is hypertrophy of the clitoris, hair, lowering of the voice – masculinization, androgenic effect). 


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Trainings in the aerobic zone quickly (4-6 weeks) cease to work (why, then, bodybuilders are able to get rid of fat tissue using aerobic training? Determined diet and pharmacological measures – eg. Clenbuterol, ephedrine, sibutramine). During regular work in the aerobic zone, the body is adapted. You can walk every day and do not lose too much. Much more effective method is mixed trainings, eg CROSSFIT – aerobics + intervals + strength training – http // www.body-factory.pl / showthread.php? T = 3568, unfortunately the most effective strength training (eg FBW http // www.body -factory.pl/showthread.php?t=91) are not used by ladies. Instead, they choose the easy way, cheating themselves, exercising with the minimum load (eg body pump, magic bar and other fitness inventions). All new discoveries are the best example of an ineffective concept created for women who do not want to train hard. Too small weight used in these exercises in no way stimulates the body (nervous system and muscles) to trigger the effect of fat reduction. You can, dear ladies, diligently do great workouts with tiny, colorful dumbbells – but that’s not the way to do anything. Similarly exercises with a load on your own body (squats, pumps, crunches – they will not give you a training effect in the long term). 

What’s worse – the best exercises for firming, slimming and improving the figure are … LIPS WITH SHANGHAI – on a free weight (buttocks, front of the thighs, rectifiers, abdomen), deadlift on straight legs / RDL (back of the thigh, buttocks, spine extensors) and paddling and pull-up on the stick. How many women do them? 


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I suspect that one, only session of heavy strength training (How to arrange such training? Read MIT Eight) after which a woman would do 20-30 minutes of aerobics would give more than a few trainings and treatments described above. 

For this reason, most women have inappropriate proportions of muscle to fat tissue. The latter prevails. A woman should exercise the same way as a man. Heavy strength training, HEAVY aerobics, heavy intervals. For this diet. The brick effect. Contraindications can only be health. 

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