Xylitol is nothing other than birch sugar, as in sugar obtained from birch wood.

Xylitol is a great substitute for traditional sugar. It’s expensive for ordinary sugar; however, it’s healthier than plain sugar. Many people lose weight, but at the same time they don’t want to give up sugar. I myself cannot imagine coffee without sugar. Xylitol can be used as a dietary sugar substitute. You can also use a popular sweetener called aspartame; however, it has a specific aftertaste, and not everyone likes it. Xylitol, on the other hand, is the closest thing to white sugar when it comes to taste.

Xylitol for weight loss definitely has fewer calories than ordinary white sugar. Xylitol, in the food industry, is named E967. So when you’re doing shopping and you read the packaging labels, E967 is the abbreviation of xylitol.

Xylitol is a very healthy sweetener.

Perhaps for a person who hears of it for the first time does not know what xylitol is, however, people who suffer from insulin resistance and diabetes have used xylitol in their diet for years as a substitute for traditional sugar.


Xylitol and weight loss

Xylitol is often added as a chewing gum ingredient. Xylitol for weight loss is considered a natural sweetener, because xylitol occurs in fruits and vegetables in small quantities.

Interestingly, xylitol is also used by people who have problems with their teeth. Normal sugar ferments in the mouth and leads to tooth decay. Xylitol, on the other hand, behaves quite differently. It does not ferment in the mouth, which is why it’s recommended for people who have problem with their teeth.

Xylitol versus plain sugar

Xylitol contains 5 carbon atoms, while white sugar contains 6 carbon atoms. Some people will think that it’s not a large difference, it’s only one atom. However, this one small atom makes a large difference. Because of this, xylitol is an alkaline, while plain sugar is acidic. This is important in the diet because it affects digestion as well as the condition of the teeth, but we’ll talk about this further down in this post.

In my opinion, xylitol is good because it can be used in the kitchen every day. You can add Xylitol Powder to the soup, as well as sweeten your coffee or tea.

Another sweetener similar to xylitol, and often referred to together with it, is erythrocyte. Erythrocyte has practically no calories, but it’s less sweet than plain sugar. Therefore, many people who use it use more of it to keep the sweet taste of the drink. Erythrocyte is less sweet than sugar and xylitol.

Xylitol is not for animals

It’s interesting when it comes to xylitol and animals. Many of us often slip when it comes to giving xylitol to animals. It may kill them. It’s good for us, humans, but not good for animals. Dogs and other animals’ organs are built in a way that xylitol, in best of cases, will cause food poisoning. In the worst case scenario, they will die from it.

Important information!

Xylitol may cause diarrhoea. This is not a standard response, but your body may react like this to it. The chances are higher if you use a lot of xylitol in every day cooking. Therefore, I recommend gradually introducing xylitol into the diet. At first sweeten one tea, then coffee; later add it to desserts etc.

Xylitol can be used daily up to 40 grams. That’s about 8 teaspoons.

As for me, I do not use sugar in the kitchen. I do buy sugar, but the sugar is added to the coffee. Besides that, I have sugar at home in case someone visits me; family or friends. Sugar is practically in every product we buy. It’s only displayed differently on the label of every product. If you’re still not convinced to stop using sugar, there is also scientific research, which indicates that excess sugar in the diet is one of the causes of cancer. Sugar isn’t called white death for no reason. Sugar works just like a drug, instantly brings relief and relaxation. That is why so many people are addicted to it, but in the form of sweets, etc.  Researchers have conducted scientific studies in which sugar was compared to morphine. At first glance everyone will think: how can you compare white sugar that you can legally buy to drugs? However, this study focused on the feelings that accompanied the people who consumed both products. During these studies people were divided into two groups. One received white sugar, and the other morphine. After administration of these substances, their level of satisfaction was checked; how they feel, and most importantly the desire for another dose of sugar or morphine. Throughout the study it turned out that sugar had similar properties to morphine, it was very addictive and pleasurable for the user. People who were given sugar in appropriate doses did not hesitate to take more doses of it.

What is the most important difference between white sugar and xylitol?

Xylitol has a very low glycaemic index, it’s only 8. It’s good information for anyone who wants to lose weight, because products with low glycaemic index are good for weight loss. White sugar belongs to carbohydrates, and xylitol belongs to alcohols. This is what it looks like from the chemistry point of view, however, consumption of xylitol does not show any alcohol in the blood. I know that some say such nonsense, but xylitol cannot get you drunk.

As an alkaline, birch sugar is obtained from birch. However, birch sugar is also extracted from vegetables and fruit. In vegetables you can find it in corn, while fruits containing it are raspberries and blueberries. Where can you get xylitol, though? Xylitol can be purchased in organic food stores or diabetic stores.

Xylitol’s calories

  1. 100 grams of white sugar is about 400 kcal.
  2. 100 grams of xylitol is about 240 kcal.

White sugar has a glycaemic index of 100, which is very unprofitable during weight loss. White sugar causes blood sugar to rise immediately after eating a meal containing it. People who have no problems with diabetes do not feel any difference, however, for diabetic people the glycaemic index of sugar is very important. Xylitol facilitates the absorption of calcium in the body.

The big disadvantage of xylitol is its price, as it costs around 10 times more than regular sugar.

Xylitol’s use

It’s best to introduce xylitol into the diet gradually. In this way you will avoid unpleasant problems of the digestive tract.

  • Xylitol delivers 2.4 kcal per gram.

You have to be careful about the cheaper xylitol sold in normal stores. This cheaper xylitol comes from China, and it is made from corn, which can be genetically modified.

Gluten and xylitol

Theoretically, xylitol should withstand higher temperatures related to food processing. According to the assurances of many producers of birch sugar, you can add xylitol to cakes and desserts.

Also be aware of the xylitol available in stores, because some xylitol may contain trace amounts of GLUTEN and nuts, as well as trace amounts of soya. Many people are asking if they can use xylitol if they cannot eat gluten-containing foods. This depends on what is written on the xylitol packaging. There are different varieties of xylitol, produced by various manufacturers. There is xylitol that contain gluten, so people allergic to gluten should not add it to the meal. It’s worth asking about xylitol in the store with gluten-free products.

Xylitol is a dietetic equivalent of sugar during weight loss.

Of course you have to remember that xylitol alone will not lose weight for us. This is just a diet supplement, or a sugar substitute. At the time of weight loss the most important is a proper diet tailored to each of us individually, as well as physical activity. Xylitol or other dietary supplements will not lose weight for us, only speed up the process of weight loss. It’s important to make the decision to lose weight consciously, not to try and lose weight overnight. This way you will avoid the yoyo effect, and the effects of weight loss will last. Xylitol is a great product for weight loss, as it lowers the calorie content of meals. For example, dietary dessert prepared with the addition of xylitol and not white sugar definitely has less calories. However, xylitol will not change our eating habits if our eating habits have been bad up until then. But we will return to our previous diet in time. Besides, it’s important to remember that xylitol will not make us stop eating sweets in the future, because you will continue to take your meals or drinks with sugar, except in form of xylitol. What will happen when you no longer have a xylitol around? You will probably turn to sugar, and the kilograms will come back again.

The cheapest alternative to traditional sugar is sweetener, or the popular aspartame. The whole sweetener pack doesn’t cost much, and there usually are about 100 tablets in it. Sweetener has its followers, as well as opponents. Some people believe that a sweetener can cause cancer. Of course, even healthy foods consumed in excess can harm you, so it is with sweetener. Sweetener consumed in excess may harm our health. Interestingly, there are no studies to suggest that xylitol is harmful, except that consuming xylitol in larger amounts can cause diarrhoea. There is also no study that said anything about the harmfulness of xylitol to the human body. It’s certainly a good information for anyone who wants to lose weight, and use xylitol in the process.

Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and people who have other issues, such as diabetes, should consult a doctor before taking xylitol.

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