The yo-yo effect, i.e. the cyclic weight loss and weight gain, affects many people who have tried to lose weight permanently, for the most part: choosing too restrictive diets that can not be used for a long time, lack of physical activity and return to old Eating habits The yo-yo effect is reflected not only in physical but also in emotional health.

The yo-yo effect is a phenomenon that affects the majority of people who struggle with excessive body mass, which determines the process of cyclic, alternating weight loss and weight gain. This phenomenon is disadvantageous both for physical health and mental condition because it weakens motivation and faith in success and your own possibilities.

The yo-yo effect is said when the weight gain exceeds 10% of weight that was achieved during weight loss in 5 months. Initially, weight gain is barely noticeable, and after a few months we can not fit into our clothes again.


Yo-yo effect – what is it?

It turns out that while a large percentage of people can lose weight, a small percentage can maintain the weight achieved. It is said that only 5 years after the end of the diet slimming people will not be threatened by a yo-yo effect and a return to their former weight. the period is needed to consolidate healthy eating habits and lifestyle that allows you to stay in the desired body weight.

The yo-yo effect usually occurs when we return to the old eating habits after the end of the diet and we increase the caloric content too rapidly.” This is a common mistake because we have lost weight, we are allowed to return more slowly, unfortunately this is not true.

We have inherited the mechanism of accumulation of fat deposits from our ancestors who alternately experienced hunger and had access to food.” The diet is a period of hunger for the organism, so when we start providing a lot more energy in an unlimited way, the body will not use them on an ongoing basis , but it will largely transform into adipose tissue, preparing for the next hunger.


Yo-yo effect – causes

The main cause of the yo-yo effect is lack of reason and misunderstanding of the needs of your body.” The use of miracle diets and unbalanced monodiets, and above all hunger strikes, guarantees a yo-yo effect.

Too fast weight loss – high caloric limitations and abandonment of product groups, and even worse go to starvation causes that we lose weight quickly, but also causes that we bring the body into a state of drastic energy saving, which results in each additional portion of calories supplying adipose tissue so that the body is prepared for the next period of starvation, it also slows down the metabolism. After a sudden return to the old way of eating, we burn fewer calories than before slimming, and therefore more accumulates in the adipose tissue.

Lack of physical activity – this is a common mistake during weight loss.In combination with a rigorous diet, it results in the loss of muscle mass, which is very much needed in the process of burning fat tissue.It’s mainly the muscles that use energy, and the more muscle mass, the more efficient the burning. Regular training increases the rate of metabolism and allows for easier maintenance of the proper energy balance.In addition, even low physical activity is beneficial to health.

Return to old habits – using a diet instead of learning new eating habits means that we treat the period of “being on a diet as an unpleasant experience, which must be forgotten as soon as possible after reaching the weight goal.Then we usually go back to old habits, start to eat more and without any control, forgetting that the body needs to be taken out of the diet and accustomed to the increasing amount of calories.


Yo-yo effect – health impact

Unfortunately, the yo-yo effect is not only visible in the increasing size of clothes.” Slimming on extreme diets results in weight loss from body fat, but also from muscle mass. When we gain weight again, only the amount of fat increases.

The proportion of muscle mass to body fat is reduced, which is detrimental to overall health. According to studies published in the “Journal of the American Dietetic Association” and “Clinical Nutrition,” as a result of alternating weight loss and weight gain, the amount of fat deposited is increasing. in the abdomen, which is the biggest threat to diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The yo-yo effect reflects not only on physical health, but also on the mental health of people who alternately lose weight and weight, have lower self-esteem and are less satisfied with their own body, and who are more at risk of depression. belief in your own abilities and motivation to act not only in the field related to slimming.


Yo-yo effect – how to avoid it?

In order to enjoy your dreamed and well-developed figure once and for all, you should change your approach to slimming, we should not” change diet “, only change lifestyle and eating habits. To avoid the yo-yo effect, follow some rules

Use a rational diet that wears 0.5-1 kg a week.” This is a healthy and safe slimming rate that is not a burden for the body and allows it to adapt to changes. It is absolutely necessary to give up miracle diets that provide less than 1200 kcal per day, because these are deficient diets.

Verify your goals. Slimming for a friend’s wedding or holiday is not a good motivation.Occasions go away, and health is given to us once a lifetime and realizing this should be a big help in maintaining weight.

Practice. Activity 2-3 times a week is one of the most effective ways to avoid the yo-yo effect and maintain the effects of diet.

Get back to the regular caloric diet.It is good to increase the energy of the menu eg by 100-150 kcal per week, so that the return to normal food lasts several weeks.

Do not go back to old habits.Give up absolutely unhealthy products, which does not mean that you have to get rid of your favorite dishes.You can prepare them in a healthier form or leave as a cheat meal – a cheat meal that helps you to follow healthy eating habits.

Find a different way to excite yourself than stress.In stress, we often reach for unhealthy high-calorie products and this is ruining the maintenance of the proper calorie balance.It’s a good idea to prepare a list of activities that take up to 15 minutes – that’s all you need to forget about emotional hunger.


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