Looking at the training supplements, some of the „pre-workout” types or fat burners seem to contain an ingredient called yohimbine. What properties are hidden behind this mysterious name? How should supplementation with the use of this product look like? Is it safe? We will try to answer these questions in the following article. Is it safe?

1. Yohimbine – description, effects

Under the name yohimbine is an alkaloid deriving from bark of an African tree, called “medical yohimbine” and some Asian rauvolfia serpentine shrubs. Because of its strong stimulating effect, folk medicine sees this product as an aphrodisiac to stimulate libido.

The basic tasks of yohimbine include increase in the concentration of adrenaline in the body and stimulation of fat metabolism to thermogenic processes. Studies show high effectiveness when this supplement is used as a weight loss support.

In men’s case, it finds its use in suppressing fat from the stomach area, and in women’s case in the buttocks and thigh area. Other uses of yohimbine in medicine include depression therapy and impotence in men.

2. How should yohimbine be used?

The best effects of yohimbine can be reached when used on an empty stomach, due to food inhibiting its activity. Studies show that the dose of 0,2g per 1kg of body mass brought positive results in the process of trying to lose fat tissue. At the same time, it didn’t show that the previously mentioned dose had any significant effects on changes in the cardiovascular parameters such as blood pressure or the number of heart beats.

Currently, the following doses are assumed during supplementation:
– 14 mg per 70 kg of body mass,
– 18 mg per 90 kg of body mass,
– 22 mg per 110 kg of body mass.

However, it’s definitely not advised to use yohimbine – in Europe, any supplements containing it are banned from the market.
Using this product can lead to the appearance of anxiety, hallucinations or even tremors and muscle rigidity. In addition to that, people suffering from heart, thyroid or high pressure problems should give up supplementation that includes this product.

3. Effects and side effects of yohimbine supplementation

Using yohimbine is very dangerous and it carries a number of unexpected and dangerous complications and side effects.

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