In plans for strength you do the same training plan for at least 2 months, and sometimes even for several months. 

Still juggling with different plans, exercises, the number of repetitions you can only slow down your mass and strength progress. 

As long as you achieve mass and strength effects on a given plan (you add muscle circuits, you are able to sustain long-term weight progress) NOTHING CHANGE! 

You can not change the training plan from mass to sculpture because that does not make sense (eighth and tenth myths). 


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The sculpture / fat reduction is diet (negative calorific balance!), Aerobic and anaerobic activities (intervals). 

Strength training with sculpting / reduction can be the same as you did on the mass. The only difference is a much larger amount of additional activities when sculpting (aerobics, intervals). 

Muscles do not get used to a particular exercise, sooner the nervous system. 

You are always able to shock your body without changing your training – only by performing more repetitions, releasing the negative (eccentric) phase of the movement, accelerating the concentric. 

There are many ways 

Fifteenth Myth BMI is an indicator of normal body weight! 

“According to BMI, I am overweight, what to do about it?! 


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BMI (body mass index) is unfortunately wrong, completely inadequate to people who are practicing strength training. 

After entering your data into the calculator, for example, 184 cm and 105 kg, we are obese in the first degree. Nonsense, because the person training at the gym (and eating healthy, according to the rules) has a low level of fat, so there can be no talk of even the slightest, let alone talk about obesity! 

In summary, target% body fat in the body, not the BMI indicator. 

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