About how important for the proper functioning of the body is a dream that everyone who has lived the night at least once in his life is convinced. It’s good to know that the subjective feeling of tiredness, concentration problems and mood depression are not the only effects of sleep deprivation. It also results in poorer regeneration, greater appetite, and in the long run also an increased risk of some diseases. Meanwhile, the problem of not sleeping is extremely common and concerns a large part of our society. No wonder, then, that ongoing research on effective and at the same time safe ways to improve the quality of sleep, results of some of them turn out to be quite promising. 


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It is believed that a healthy, restful sleep should last from seven to eight and a half hours. Unfortunately, hardly anyone in today’s busy world can afford to regularly devote so much time to night rest. Not only that, many people experience troublesome sleep problems, some studies indicate that at least a half of the inhabitants of our country may experience this type of illness in a certain period of their lives. The most common reasons for this state of affairs include excessive stress, poor diet, too low or too high physical activity, consumption of a large amount of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and other substances affecting the quality of sleep. 

Quite often, the practice used to improve the quality of sleep is taking sleeping pills or, as is often the case, drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, none of the above solutions is really the right solution. The key issue is to find the source of the problem and take appropriate countermeasures. So if the cause of sleep problems is excessive stress, appropriate relaxation techniques should be implemented, and preferably if possible, to try to reduce the severity of stress. If the cause is the prosaic (and frequent) exposure to bedtime radiation from the screen TV or computer – this is also in this case, you just need to take care of the right conditions to sleep. 


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